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Thread: Need fridge and freezer ASAP

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    Default Need fridge and freezer ASAP

    Hey guys can I request a dumping ground of ideas on where I can get a cheapest fridge and freezer combo either today or tomorrow (Christmas Eve!)

    That will also dispose of the old fridge.

    It's completely carked it and half my food is smelling funny already.

    Right after my weekly shopping too! :/

    Will collect ideas in 4 hours in way home and go to stores in 5 hours.

    No new dog back pack for thistle now!

    Bundoora area.
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    If you had a bit more time - I'd have said "appliances online".

    cos they will take away the old fridge. I guess you could phone and ask. They also do business over the phone. And they have warehouses in each capital city.

    Or trading post + scrap metal person

    or harvey norman might (but I hate buying anything important from them)

    or good guys and jb hifi - I would phone and ask. Those two have just merged I think - so while I like JB hifi customer service, I was in Good Guys a couple of months ago with a full set of kitchen appliances to get - and they IGNORED ME pretty much. The fridges are here, this is the only choice you have and walked away and left me. Well up yours. Won't be getting my stuff from you.

    Don't know if you have Rawsons? but they seem well organised. Tho I was shopping there with a buyer helper...

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    I ended up getting from harvey norman, they even beat out appliances online in terms of price,delivery and size! No matter who I spoke to there is no way I can get it today, so currently my shower is filled with eskies and 3 bags of ice. Everything else I have thrown out, kangaroo blood and leaked over a lot of things from the freezer so didn't want to take the risk.

    Lots of roo for the dog today and tomorrow. A chicken pie too.

    i guess it would be nice to have a brand new clean fridge and not this dirty old thing. it was well past its due date lol

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    Sympathy my last freezer suddenly stopped on a long weekend, hot weather, not pay week ( not that it made much difference faced with a sudden bill) I had just frozen a fortnights meat. I farmed it out to friends, was a pain.

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    and it has arrived! 7:15am!

    Not allowed to turn it on for a few hours though. It's okay. The esky is still really cool and mostly ice. Power cord is 10cm too short though! Going to have to dig up a powerboard somewhere

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    My fridge decided to freeze my lettuce today. Not fun.

    Not sure how many of the other veges are affected.

    I've got a kitchen reno planned so hoping this one holds out until that's done...

    Appliances online might (would) have matched or beaten Hardly Normal's price if you'd asked them. Maybe next time.

    So glad you've got something sorted. Supermarkets sell powerboards but a heavy duty one from hardware store would be better.

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