I am a 12 month old lab that sleeps outside in a sheltered area. She is happy to go to sleep at night and doesn't make a sound. My problems is that she wakes up early and starts barking. This has been getting earlier and earlier and at the moment is around 5am. I have tried to ignore it as suggested but she doesn't stop even after 30 mins. I am sure the neighbours would be getting frustrated too.

At the moment the only solution is for me to get up and let her inside which is fine, but i have to stay in the same room. She will then go straight back to sleep but if i leave the room she starts again. So i end up on the couch. ( and get annoyed as she goes straight back to sleep)

She is walked every morning and night and is well and truly tired by the time she goes to bed. If i give her a kong or a bone it will just reward her and encourage her to wake up early.

She shows no signs of separation anxiety at any other stage of the day. It is as if she goes to bed happy, wakes up and wants attention then as soon as she gets it she goes back to sleep.

Any suggestions??