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Thread: bullet dodged; Trainer who supports pinch collars

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    Default bullet dodged; Trainer who supports pinch collars


    I almost made a HUGE mistake ... I have been trying to get onto the AWL to book Truffle in for the obedience training sessions they run but I could not get hold of them. I've left 3 messages and not received a single call back SOOO I searched different trainers and came across this guy

    He seems to actually encourage the use of pinch collars and punishment in dog training! I actually had almost booked in a consultation with him before I found his website (I got his number on a google search before I came across the site).

    Absolutely disgusting the way he talks about positive reinforcement training!

    A good reminder to do research before allowing a trainer to look at your dog. I know I would have worked out he was a no go after meeting him but still ...bullet dodged. I have now booked a consult with a trainer approved by the RSPCA.


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    You should look for trainers that are members of APDT... I am a positive reinforcement trainer/negative punishment, you mean positive punishment trainer.
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