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Thread: Help! Which dog is right for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThistleTheDog View Post
    I think you'll find most dogs don't entertain themselves overly when nobody is home. As long as you're exercising their body and brains when you are around, they'll probably sleep while you're at work.

    Have you considered fostering? A try before you buy and help out another dog with finding a home even if you don't keep it. Would also help you plan out a routine and better find out what kind of dog is going to work with you

    And keep in mind, no dog or puppy will be perfect in the first few days of everything being changed and in a new home, they'll make mistakes. Just need patience and routine then you can find out what kind of personality is there.
    I think you will find that a young working bred dog may find plenty of ways to entertain themselves! and that doesn't involve sleeping. Even with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. My neighbours young BC was continually escaping until they put up an 8 foot fence and he had plenty of attention. Just didn't care much for being home alone all day and he was athletic enough to do something about it!. Another friend his young cattle dog ripped up all the irrigation and remodeled the back yard of his rental accommodation while he was at work oops!. Every time I get a young working dog I expect some yard remodeling lol.

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    There should always be a bit of remodelling! XD they have preferences too and you know you didn't want that plant (or my chairs) anyway

    Confess, I thought we were moving away from a working bred and branching out to different breeds and adoptables? :')

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    I think young dogs of any breeds can find ways of occupying themselves. We adopted a 6 month old miniature poodle and she was the escape artist from hell lol. Her energy was on a par with my BC. Friends of mine just adopted a small fluffy from the pound and she is showing severe anxiety when they leave her when they go to work. They have had to organise neighbours and friends to help out when they are at work while they deal with the situation. My mothers adopted whippet has remodeled her small backyard.
    I think the OP is right to take time on this one, to find a dog that is a right fit for the situation.

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    I think finding a dog with the right individual temperement will be just as important as picking a breed in this situation. Generally purebred dogs will have similar characteristics but they still have individual personalities... I know Aussie Shepherds and Std Poodles who are psycho and would drive me insane (number 1 reason I was so careful picking a pup when I was looking for Finn). I also know lazy as Kelpies... (not many of them though!)

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    Yes it is a task best taken slow, agreed! But often I think you cannot get all the personality revealed in the first few weeks so perhaps fostering a dog* to get a better idea about it but gives the option to return the dog if it's a bad fit (but without giving the dog the stigma of being a returnee).

    Maybe a list of personality traits that are desired? So able to settle, no seperation anxiety.
    Then traits you'd like but can compromise on? Ie level of training, colour?

    But a nice solid rescue would hopefully be aware of any quirks in a dog, same as a breeder (been warned my future dogs dad was a terror as a teenager. I am already resigned to a destroyed yard in the future hah! The mum wasn't as much so fingers crossed takes after mum!)

    Re: Aussie shepherds, I only know the one but he lives in an apartment. I haven't heard any excessive complaints about his home behaviour. He does bark a lot when excited but stops after a few minutes and they're working on it. To be fair he's not yet 1 or desexed yet. But could be the exception! I think he was from a show background, not working, so could be why he's less nuts.

    Or corgis you mentioned earlier but seems to me nobody stops at one corgi you end up with a whole bunch!

    Perhaps could look into older dogs of some breed on dolzonline or a breed specific rescue? Lots of options to browse to find a suitable companion of any age or breed

    * or finding a breeder who definitely takes one that's not working out back. Personally I just think very important to have that "not working out" back up so dog doesn't end up in the pound system :s

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    I am open to other breeds, though working dogs are my fav.. mostly because they are all I've known growing up.

    I did think about cocker spaniels, but I'm put off by the need to cut their hair.. brushing is okay, but not sure I want to cut.. though I could pay a professional XD I keep hoping someone will come up with a perfect breed that I've never heard of before...

    Hehe, our BC has been digging quite a few holes of late, but overall she is pretty well behaved while we are at work. My dad had 4 months off with her when we first got her, so she was pretty lucky to get a lot of attention. She's 8 months now, so freaking cute.

    She's been a bit hard to train, she's smart.. but I'm not a great dog trainer.. I finally taught her drop.. Unfortunately she can't tell the difference between drop and sit *Facepalm*.. so that's my next goal.

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    I think you definitely have an idea about looking at traits rather than breeds!! And also I will have to look into the fostering idea.. it has merit!!

    I guess my constraint is working long hours (I can give up a social life, but I need work for the mortgage payments). I work 7.30-4pm, but I could vary that, i.e. 8-4 or 9-5.. my travel time though is going to be about 1-1.5hr on an average day (each day). But I was thinking I could get up at 5, take the dog for a 30-1hr walk/play in the park (hopefully run into some neighbor dogs at the local park).. then go to work, and I could do that again in the evening.. with maybe some sort of activities on weekends, like going to the beach, or agility or something. Thankfully everything is in walking distance, shops, library.. etc.. so dog can stay with me for errands and such.. plus between my parents BC and my uncles Aussie, some ready made playmates .

    My other constraint is small house/yard. The yard is about 50m2, going to have some paving, turf and a small strip of plants/trees, but it will be very secure with1.95m timber fencing all the way round the backyard, and very strong/high side gate.. the front yard will have a 1m gate. The bad news is my neighbors houses are very close to me!! My neighbor two doors down apparently has two terriers get to meet them soon.

    The other... consideration is my other pets, currently a cat (loves my BC) and two bunnies (love dogs, hate cats XD.. my poor kitty). I do plan to adopt another kitty sometime next year..

    So ..

    Size: Any
    Coat: Prefer long/fluffy, any colours
    Grooming requirements: Happy to brush twice a week and give baths (or pay a professional), less sure about regular hair cuts (but I could learn to live with it I think if everything else was right about the dog, and I guess that means less shedding??). Not really bothered by shedding, used to living in a house of fluff.
    Noise: I'm okay with barking but I doubt my neighbors will be. I don't mind alert barking (i.e someone is at the door), and playful barking, but can't really afford a dog who just barks all day long when I'm not home (my kelpie x was like that, our neighbors kept threatening to bait her )
    Attention: Happy with a velcro dog, but needs to be comfortable being left home along for long hours - no separation anxiety
    Health: Reasonably good health, I'm happy to pay vet bills as needed though and I would have pet insurance
    Gender: Don't care, but am more familiar with girls, kind of want a boy though :P
    Learning: Prefer a smart dog, but not fussed and willing to do training as necessary or get help when I fail.. my cousin is becoming a dog trainer, so hopefully can help me.
    Exercise: I'm not very fit, though I'd like to be! But I'm willing to put in the effort.. its more time I'm lacking in.

    I have also considered two dogs... a lot of rescues with two dogs needing a home.. so they could keep each other company..

    ..Me? A bunch of corgis?....yeah quite possible. I love animals.. I did think a smaller breed, so I could possibly have two.. might help keep them from going completely stir crazy waiting for me. If they are good enough for the queen!

    I think my plan kind of looks like.. move into the house, settle in.. put out some feelers with some local rescue groups and just wait and see if the right dog for me comes along. If after 12-18months I havent found the right dog, then maybe consider going down the breeder path.. either like you said dogsonline older dogs or a puppy.

    What about rough collie? I read they were calmer then BC and Aussies, but I'm thinking that might have been wishful thinking.

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    I did a bad thing. I pinterested corgis.. OMG SO CUTE DD There goes 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back.

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    *laughs* that's my understanding of what happens when you get a corgi! You get more! And they were originally some kind of working breed I think? So would think some residual quirks still present

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    They are super duper cute. They've definitely made my 'maybe' list, but finding a good breeder who has puppies or an older dog might be a bit of a challenge looking at Dogz Online, and I couldn't find any in rescue. But that's okay, I can be patient!! If I don't find another dog through rescue in sort of 12 months or so of looking, then this might be an option.

    I love the fluffy ears. I walk to work through a giant park, and so many dogs every day!! There's one corgi I see, he has the biggest smile.. I saw this ball mad poodle yesterday, never thought poodles could chase a ball.. don't know why I thought that.. and omg.. samoyed!! So floofy.

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