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Thread: What breed is he?

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    Default What breed is he?

    Hi All,

    I acquired Archie a couple of years ago from a lady who said he was a maltese.. however i'm not too sure he is..atleast fully anyway.
    When he has a short haircut you can see spots all over.. but these aren't nearly as obvious when his fur is longer. (They are on his fur though not just skin)

    Any ideas? I am not a breed connoisseur so thought i'd ask around He is around 4kgs
    Excuse the crappy quality
    ..and the dirt on his face (he just finished hiding his bone from his brother) hehe

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    Definitely not full Maltese. Maltese only come in pure white.

    My guess is Maltese X Shih Tzu... but there's no way to know, especially with these little fluffy mixes.

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    Because of the black markings on your pup – Yes, you are correct in thinking he is not a purebred !

    Maltese always come in just white – as ‘maddogdodge' said – but can have slight lemon markings – but that is it !

    LOL – I did discount the dirt on his nose – even though it was black !

    Does it really matter ?

    As far as the crosses involved with your pup – my best guess would be Chihuahua first and then maybe Chinese Crested – only because of the skin spots and colouring.

    Please don’t bother wasting your money getting a DNA Test done. The test probably would come back to say that a BC was involved in that breeding of your pup !

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