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    My Shar Pai Dora (7yo) was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Polyarthritis (IMPA) over 1 year ago, Her diagnosis was considered to be the more severe type and a cure was noted as unlikely, the vet stated she was "hesitant to say we will cure Dora as some of the boney change may be irreversible. We are hoping to be able to manage her condition and improve her quality of life"

    Dora was on a range of medicataion however for the last 6 months and still currently taking Imuran also known as Azathioprine 25mg. Her dosage was dropped down from 1 tablet every 2 days to 1 tablet every 3 days (as of last month) however i noticed a change in her health and started giving her 1 tablet every 2 days again and her health returned to normal.

    I am worried that Dora is going to be on medication for the rest of her life, I am looking for a natural alternative to assist with her medication so we can finally drop her dosage down to 1 tablet every 3 days and eventually a less dosage again in the future. I am also wondering if there is anything specific I can give her in her diet to help with any side affects she may have from taking this medication.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

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    the chronic illness management is likely to require ongoing Imuran, or courses of. When off them, the dog suffers, so you go back on them. But there are costs. The dog will be unable to fight infection. And when infection strikes, it will be growing rampantly without an immune defense.

    I think your vet sounds hopeful of a cure. I would ask him to define "cure". Completely, or avoid relapse with chronic treatment plan?

    tis tough, the wrong end of the dogs life. For all. I think we suffer more, as we ruminate on this stuff. Or i do.

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    Sorry i should clear up that when on her medication Dora is back to her normal self, what am i asking though is if there is anything else i could give her to help her immune defence or to help with the tablets?

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