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Thread: Issue with behaviour on old dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renz View Post
    Hi there,

    I knew that you guys were going to say this. How predictable....

    We do not trust vets as none of the many we have seen in 12 years had demonstrated any form of know how in how to care for an animal. They know how to prescribe medication that is irrelevant to us and usually has no idea whosoever in dog psychology. They also know well on how to make you feel guilty if you don't use their over rated services.

    Anyway this forum is also to me a nest of poor ideas, as last time I was told off as I was asking some advice to have puppies at home, I was treated of being a backyard breeder and all sort of funny names. The funny thing is is that this forum advertise as being specialised in cross breeds along with inbreeds...err purebred my apologies... Cross breeds are issue of home breeding in the first place or are they not.

    If you knew what we were going to say already - why bother coming here.

    Personally - I'm not that thrilled with someone who trains their dog to crap under a bush - that makes it very difficult for the poo to be picked up, removed and put in a bin so that it's not left to breed flies and cause other problems. Unless you live rurally where the dog craps are outnumbered by cows, sheep and roo craps and there's plenty of space for them to decompose without any people or other dogs around.

    I'm also not that thrilled with the idea of anyone breeding any kind of dog without vet supervision.

    You expect us to know how to deal with a dog health problem better than someone who has done 6 to 12 years of ongonig training and been in practice for same again? I don't think so.

    Can't understand why mods would have told you to go away last time - could not have been your excellent attitude to dog welfare at all.

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    Not to mention making an issue out of a 12yo dog changing a behaviour that at most causes a very mild inconvenience.

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