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Thread: Wanted: Swedish Vallhund pup

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    Must admit, i did not know this breed, looked them up and thought.
    A shedding corgi! the coat screams shedding to me.
    Ive done me dash with heavy shedding dogs. Good luck with that.
    Yep, some cattle dogs are bad enough would hate anything worse! My vacuum cleaner fills up very rapidly already! and everything has dog hair sticking to it lol. That is why it is important in my opinion to really nut out all the pros and cons of a particular breed! And having to keep it groomed all the time! my working bred collies with their short coats beat the pants off my show bred BC, in the end I just clipped her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lukerob88 View Post
    Looking towards finding a breeder of Swedish Vallhund pups, preferably as close to south east QLD as possible. Thanks in advance
    Aside from looks, what do you want in a dog?

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