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Thread: Wanted Old English Mastiff

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    Default Wanted Old English Mastiff

    Am in Cairns FNQ, looking for breeders within a reasonable distance

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    I think if you look for Mastiff Breeders and leave off "Old English" you'd have more chance of finding an Australian breeder of these.

    How far is Bundaberg from Cairns? Pretty sure there are some Mastiff in Rockhampton but don't know where their breeder is.

    I don't know if any of these breeders are planning litters but you could phone and chat with them, see if they're doing any breed shows or events near you, meet up with them. See if they recommend someone else if they're not planning a litter any time soon.

    It is really important to go meet with the breeder if you want to reduce your chance of problems and increase your chance of getting a nice puppy.

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