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Thread: Dog Humping

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee View Post
    My kids are convinced they are gay if that is possible. Both animals are male.
    No, it's not possible. Dogs don't have relationships that have sex as a part of that relationship. They are driven by insitinct and learnd behaviour. Hence why they can just as easily hump your leg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    *Wait! Listen!*
    Hear that ? Its the sound of hell freezing over,because I think Natty and I are going to disagree on something

    Well no, not really.
    Humping other dogs I can very much agree that yes there are many reasons as I said. But humping a human to me is a dominant thing most of the time.
    Oh no!!

    One of our Greyhounds also does a bit of dog humping. He is also bottom rung - above our omega girl but bottom of the boys... But maybe he doesn't count 'cause he really is a bit dumb... Not the sharpest tool in the box at all! I wouldn't count on him to know what he's doing - his heart is in the right place but... well... you know what I mean.

    I don't see it a whole lot on people, but the breeds I spend time around don't often have dominant tendencies. I actually think that dog-on-dog humping is sometimes done by a submissive dog to a dominant one almost as a placating gesture.

    But then people tell me that a dog resting it's head on another's back is a dominant gesture but I typically see it in submissive hounds....
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