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Thread: IVe turned into a bloody pikey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    I prefer to think of it as the standard has risen, risen to accommodate what and who we want and stuff what others think, lol.
    Hell yeah !!!

    I just got rid of the inlaws...including brother inlaw this time too. All non dogy people.

    The look on their faces when i let the goofs in for their nighlty routine of slobbering all over the kitchen tiles while i make their dinner in front of them was priceless.

    I had to bite my tounge a few times ....dumbass comments from dog haters and all... but somehow we survived it. That'll be it for 6 months at least i'm hoping. Fingers and paws crossed.

    Bugger 'em. It's our house not theirs. And 'ours' includes both my dogs and a guinea pig.

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    It's all relativ. When we first got Nero we also moved into our new brandnew house. Winter was coming and outside was no deck, garden or path but just a gigantic mudhole that started right outside our front door and covered every inch of our property.

    It was a mess! In the beginning of winter I was moping the floors almost every day because of all the muddy puppy pawprints covering every square meter of our house. But as the months go by I reckon I just got used to the sight. With spring came phlegm - and the deck. And by now - four years on I think I have a very healthy attitude to dirt.

    Non-doggy persons visiting are still a bit of a challenge, because they show us what we don't see anymore. I'll never forget the look a (distant) friend of mine gave our sofa - before she chose to sit on the coffee table. Other friends I am very glad to see have come down to our level Especially one family with an outside only dog enjoyed our two dogs so much, when they came visiting, that their own dog has now become an inside/outside dog.

    We tried to match furniture with Nero's dark fur so doghair isn't so visible - and when we achieved that goal we went an bought a little whiteish dog. How is that for planning?! Other style (fancy clothes, styled hair and pretty nails) was luckily never for me anyway. So there is nothing to be missed and only people who know me very well can tell if I have brushed my hair sometime during the last week anyway.

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    My couch is a family heirloom / second hand junk. If it was really valuable my uncle would have taken it for his house - he got first pick all his parents best furniture so all the stuff with sentimental value (except that lounge suite) or antique value - ended up in his house. Sigh. He squared up with money for everyone else but it is weird visiting his house and finding my favourite beds with the knob posts from staying over at the grandparents... in his house for his grand kids.

    Anyway - it's older than I am, been re-upholstered more than once, is just long enough to sleep on, and it is now one end occupied by the dog and the other end by me... and is covered in a lot of blankets and anyone else who might consider sitting on it is going to be thoroughly licked off. Especially their ears (tasty?).

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    We had to get a king sized bed to accommodate my lot for when hubby goes away fishing. I sleep in the middle of it then.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I do love that moment, when i "release the hounds" on visitors. Empties our house fast
    Its mothering sunday. That's what brings non dog folk into my world, grrrrrrrrr

    So yeah, around about 8 o bloody clock in the evening! Since 4pm! id had enough. I couldn't hear one more suggestion of "what you should do is....." so released the hounds. Handed her a goo cloth 'just in case you understand'. 10 minute prolonged goodbye and pfft! gone.

    the Milkybones are on me pups!

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