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Thread: Old desexed female humping young male

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    Quote Originally Posted by Striker View Post
    Well - my dog Bonnie does this with Rebel when they play and it's really annoying. One word will stop her and she looks guilty. Weird thing is though, she's subordinate to Rebel, who hates it, and I was sure it was a dominance thing (heard that several times now). He never does it to her, but he nearly takes her ear off when he gets mad haha. Also sometimes they'll start growling at each other for no reason, no food around, just stand there and stare at each other and start growling. Bonnie's turns into a sort of grunt/ groan at the end haha, it's pretty odd. Maybe challenging position of top dog? I don't know.
    I think it could be a mix of things. I observe it in my dogs when excitement or stress levels for what ever reason are elevated. However there are certain dogs that would never be the recipient. The dogs seem to know who they can do it to and who they cant. LOL My top dog who is my old bitch has never done it to anyone and no one would dare do it to her. She is the type of dog that swans around in full belief that she is the queen, confident and sure of herself. She plays with her subordinates but has never humped any of them. No one would even think about humping her.

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    Bernie does it to Pohm's head. any end will do. He's versatile. my daughters boyfriends leg is always fair game too. which im too amused by to put a stop to.

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    Sounds like dominance to me. I don't think it's any coincidence that as your male enters puberty your bitch has upped the ante. She sees him growing bigger but doesn't want his head to grow with the rest of him; she wants to make sure he knows she's still and always will be top dog in the house.

    If the dog is humping a pillow that's a different story, can be a comfort thing can also be a relief of frustration thing I would imagine.

    On a totally different note, what I find amusing is that we think dominance humping is unique to the animal world and yet in video games, you'll see guys kill each other and then hump the corpse - the games don't usually include a command for this but they find a way to get the message across. Often they will sit there for a good minute afterwards and just hump, like yeah I beat you, I'm so dominant over you I'm now going to hump you. I don't really get it but you can see that it must be an urge carried within mammals of more than one species.

    ETA - of course this may happen outside of video games too, it's just this is the only time (fortunately for me) that I've seen guys 'fight'.
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    Here's hoping (violent) video games are never a true reflection of reality. I don't know any people who make money or bonus points or humping for body counts.

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