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Thread: older desexed male suddenly humping everything??

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    Default older desexed male suddenly humping everything??

    Our 8 plus year old desexed beagle has suddenly started humping things- and often. He used to do it maybe once a year, and suddenly in the last week its been 4 or 5 times a day. He is pulling cushions off the couch and humping them, pulling pillows off the beds and humping them, and attempting human legs...
    Its a sudden change- and really annoying. Any ideas?? We are stopping him as soon as we notice it. He has distroyed a couple of pillows this week though, and I would rather he loose this new habit.

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    Lol wow he must have a lot of pent up energy.
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    Hormonal maybe?

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    Take him to a vet..A sudden increase of hormones can be a sign of some diseases...Sometimes cancer, prostrate or testicular.

    There are also some not as nasty....but I would get a vet to check him out
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    Im not sure, but id take a look outside the window, is there a red MG parked in your drive way? If there is, its hormones.

    But any sudden change in behaviour, get vet checked, and as newfsie says, hormonal spikes indicate illness often.

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    rightio- thanks all for your words of wisdom. He seems so fine in every other way, coat looks great, happy walking, good eater, normal beagle (bloody shocking) behaviour! I am a tad reluctant to take him to the vet- the thought of blood tests for hormone levels etc, anyway- I am on to it...

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