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Thread: Affectionate family dog give away

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    So there are three sides to every story, and of course, we are only getting one of those from the OP.

    Although I would go to the ends of the earth for my boys, I understand that not everyone feels the same about their pets. There are some circumstances where people do need to rehome their dogs, I get that. (Although I don't really agree that this is one of those circumstances). I'm all for helping people do this the best possible way - but only if they WANT help.

    It was the flippancy that p*ssed me off with this post. Okay, yeah - it's text, but I couldn't read any real regret in what the OP posted. It was basically "The wife wants her gone - enough said". Like he was deciding what to have for lunch, or something. He also didn't mention her name. That made me sad.

    He said that he has already moved back in with the Ex. One has to wonder where this little girl has been in the meantime?
    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
    You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

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    I guess I'm guilty too this time but geeze.....

    I'm usualy the first to support rehoming - life can often throw curve balls , any one of us here might one day be advertising on this forum. I would hope that we members had the experience,foresigt,tact and 'empathy' to understand that it would not be done lightly ,that it would not be done unless every other avenue had been exhausted.

    However.... I have to say , I did not feel any 'depth' from the OP. It truley did seem almost flippant .
    The poor girls age bothered me as well .... other excuses being covered by the one given were clambering in my mind. I do hope the OP does come back , I really do....and I guess if he really does care about this lovely old girl then he will...regardless of what we say .

    It does make it very hard when in this day and age , dogs - innocent family pets- are being dragged from safe happy homes to be killed for nothing else than meeting a few criteria on a check list . Doubly hard when the dog in question here would fall under those criteria in the wrong place.
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    I agree with you and feel very strongly dogs should be for life. But then as chopps said "life can throw a curve ball" and when it does, i appreciate someone trying to find a good home rather than leaving the dog on a shelter doorstep with the possiblity of ending life with the green dream.
    I do find it hypocritical when people jump all over people looking to rehome, but feel its ok for breeders to "rehome" ex or unsuitable breeding stock when it suits them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oskar's mum View Post
    Not to criticise you jjds80, but why did you get a dog if you knew you might be getting back with your ex who doesn't like them?
    I was wondering the same thing. Giving up my dogs for anybody is not what I would do, but hopefully he is making the effort to find a really good home for the dog.

    Hope getting back with the ex was worth it and lasts the distance this time round.

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    Yip i think people should stop being so damn judgemental. Sure we hear some lame arse excuses, and some of you might think this is lame also. I wish i knew the full details: does this guy have perhaps a family (children) that he is trying to make a second go at? We dont know - but such is life. Yes i get proper annoyed when people say need to rehome because... Moving, dont have time, just had a baby - , , . But some people have a legitimate reason where all avenues have been exhausted & there is no other option. Why should this poor dog suffer in a home where its not wanted? Id bet every penny it would be left in a backyard to rot - some people are not dog friendly & there isnt much u can do to change it. Id prefer this dog find somewhere else where it will receive the unconditional love it deserves. Hell we even have people on this site who have done the same damn thing!

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    I applaud this persons honesty. It is refreshing to see someone who says "hey I need to give this dog a good home" instead of dumping it or locking it away in a caged area for the rest of its life. I have had both shoes on had to give a dog away and also rescued a dog. Who knows his partner may in time overcome her phobia and they just might rescue a dog that needs a home.

    I hope you find a nice loving home for your pooch.

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