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    Hey guys,

    I have a beautiful male husky who has unfortunately escaped one to many times and sadly killed two chickens. the council have made it near impossible to keep him with threats of menacing dog fines. he has never been agressive to any person, and is great with kids of all ages but has a high prey drive for small animals as any husky owner would know. anyone on this forum would know how much this is tearing me apart to have to do but i feel he needs a secure back yard which he can not dig or climb out of as once he has made his mind up he will try anything to get out. im not asking for any money just a happy loving home with someone who understands the breed and can offer him a caring family where he can not injure himself or any other animals. i really love this guy and would have to approve his new family. he is microchipped and registered and a happy healthy boy. please pm for any info or to arrange a meeting. I live in brisbane but will travel for the right home

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    I am sorry you are having this problem...the only real solution is for you to make the place where your dog is contained dog proof...And to allow the council a visit to see this. And only walk the dog on lead and have the dog off lead in safe areas.

    I think it is wired in in many Breeds to chase chickens, it is very natural......If only we could teach other critters to sit still when dogs were chasing, it would all be boring for the dog

    I have a newfie who would if she was able to, chase our chickens..i know with an e-collar I could possibly train her out of it. But with her abuse history, I would never even consider that for her. So we live on a Rural property. We have chickens and our chickens get to roam free. We just have different times for the chickens out and this dog......If I am outside with her she does not chase the chickens, because she has been desensitized, but if she was by herself ( or I was not looking and aware) and a chicken ran past her , I am sure she would........So we have a proper contained dog yard and the house. Annabelle in, chickens/ducks out. We do this every day.......And we have not had one death. Just the first chicken she ever saw and chased was plucked a bit, we were there before the possible can manage both. You just have to be dedicated and strict. We have done this for nearly four years now

    Re-homing does not work when things like this have happened, unless the person is fully aware and has better facilities. You will just transfer the problem.

    You could also ask for help from a Good Dog trainer who is into behaviour.....It is possible to re-train/focus dogs. I have trained quite a few of my other rescue dogs out of chasing....there are exceptions, but as I said they can be managed
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    Why can't you just fix the yard?

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Hi Mace,
    My Oskar is a chook killer, has killed one. The chooks get in over the back fence, but wehave secured the fence and made it higher, so he can't get out. When we are out, we also lock Oskar in the house. He is an Amstaff x and also has a high prey drive. Why can't you just fix the fence and make it impossible for your Husky boy to escape?

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    Sometimes in such instances the owner is given the option to re-home the dog in an area where repeat behaviour is impossible, rather than proceeding with dangerous dog declarations etc.

    I knew of a family whose two dogs were caught in a sheep paddock, they accounted for a good number of ewes and their soon to be born lambs. Their only options were - compensate the farmer and agree to euthanasia, criminal charges, or compensate the farmer and re-home the dogs appropriately. They chose a rehome and it was done with police approval.

    So sometimes fixing fences etc are not an option.

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    I know my dog can dig a hole (in sand) to a depth of about half a metre maybe more - in a couple of minutes. If she wanted, all day would be plenty long enough for her to dig under my fences, and I know a whippet who can jump a vertical 3m. So if you want to make a dog proof yard, a concrete floored dog run with a roof is easier than "fixing the fences". And in some cases - the dog proof yard isn't possible. And if the authorities have been involved - again as Natty lou said - it might not be an option there either.


    Have you contacted your dog's breeder - they often like first option on rehoming and some have secure yards (concrete floors and roof) for their dogs. There may also be a huski rescue or club in your area that could help with placing your dog. Again, asking your breeder may help you get in contact with them.

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