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Thread: Beautiful, joyful Labador X Ridgeback Givaway to good home.

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    Smile Beautiful, joyful Labador X Ridgeback Givaway to good home.

    Labby has a great temperament to children. We adopted him from RSPCA sydney. De-sexed. He was a companion to a grandfather in the household but sadly Grandfather has left. Leaving Labby with our family with 3 young children. Both me and my husband works full time, we are unable to give him a good quality life.
    Even though he seems to be happy in the backyard but would be great if he can have a companion that could be with him.

    He is fit and a well obedient dog, he attended RSPCA obedient training class. Walk well and listens to simple commands. Please spread the words to your friends and family who can find a new home for him.

    Dog 2.jpgdog.jpgDog 2.jpgdog.jpg

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    It might be possible that the dog has some labrador in him, but I very much doubt it is a straight Lab X Ridgeback with that narrow skull. Looks like there's some sighthound in there maybe?

    How old is he?

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    I was thinking the same thing Beloz, looked very Greyhoundy to me. I would say someone at the shelter identified him when he came into the shelter with no real idea of what he was and decided on Lab x Ridgie.

    He looks like a dear old he senior?

    Have you contacted the RSPCA to let them know and see if they can help you find him a new home? If your concerned about taking him back into shelter life they may be happy for you to foster him while they try to find a new home for him..also maybe try any senior dog rescues that are local....

    There is a larger dog forum which you may be better posting on as there are a lot of rescues/rescuers on there who may be able to help or have families that are waiting on good dogs. It is

    I hope he finds a lovely new home.

    Very sorry about your Grandfather.

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    Help! I need to rehome my pet! | PetRescue

    there's a bunch of info in there you can try.

    I would definitely talk to the RSPCA about it - since that's where you got him and they could use the info regards better placement of their dogs in future. It's great you're looking after him for now.

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    Snap about some greyhound or something.

    Hes a cutry. Good luck

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