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Thread: Beautiful Barry - Lab X Hound

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    Default Beautiful Barry - Lab X Hound

    Barry has a beautiful nature, is very affectionate and patient, and loves to spend lots of time hanging out with the family.
    He loves to be groomed and walked, and likes the occasional run around the yard playing fetch. He is very smart, and has done really well at dog obedience classes. He is very quiet, doesn’t bark much and loves Nanna naps.
    As far as we can tell he is a Labrador/Wolfhound cross (we adopted him from the RSPCA so don’t know much about his history). He is about 7 years old and very healthy. Barry is desexed, his vaccinations, worming and flea treatment are all up to date.
    The only reason we are giving him up is because of a conflict with our cat. Barry really needs to be the only animal in the household, and needs a fenced yard or suitable run. My husband and I both work full time and he seems happy enough keeping himself occupied in the backyard during the day.
    We live in Ballarat, VIC and welcome anyone to contact us who might like to meet him.
    BTW - we have had him clipped for summer, he is normally shaggy.

    Barry 3.JPGBarry 1.JPGBarry 2.JPG

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    Have a look at this web site Help! I need to rehome my pet! | PetRescue

    We recommend putting a price on him as well as sometimes free to good home dogs don't actually go to a good home (regardless of what the people taking him say).

    Is there any way you could keep him and the cat separated? Its sad that he would have thought he was in his forever home before and he will now be moved again. He is a gorgeous boy so I hope you can work something out for him.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Thanks for the link, and the tips. We hope to work out something best for him too.

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    How much training has Barry done? And does he like kids? and or other dogs?
    Pets are forever

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    We have taken him to dog school, basically 4 lessons. He is quite excitable around other dogs, but gets used to them when given a chance (basically he just wants to play), and is not at all aggressive. I am not sure how he is around kids, but I know he is very patient.

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    Like Jadie said, why don't you just keep him and the cat seperated? He looks and sounds like a beautiful dog.

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    Barry is not a Wolfhound x.

    He is a Lab x Poodle. It might help with rehoming him as people will understand more about his energy levels and needs.

    Best of luck with him, he looks a lovely boy.

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