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Thread: Tilah Needs A New Home - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP HER!

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    Exclamation Tilah Needs A New Home - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP HER!

    Due to my daughter's relationship breakdown she has no other choice except to try to rehome her purebred American Red-nosed Pittbull -

    Tilah (Tee-lah) is such a lovely dog - She is 2 and a half years old and has a wonderful GENTLE nature. She is very clever and knows several tricks - Please help us find a new forever home! Contact Deb on 6255 0794 for all the details -

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    Hi - I just read these posts and thought someone might be able to help me - unfortunately because my relationship has ended my beautiful red nosed American Pittbull - Tilah (she's 2 and a half) needs to be re-homed - can someone PLEASE help me find a suitable home for her? I would love to keep her but I have to move back in with my Parents and my Mother has a Child Care Centre (at home) - the laws in the ACT wont allow animals at Child Care Centres ... If anyone knows any contact numbers or web sites I can get in touch with I would be so grateful - it would break my heart to have her put to sleep - you can contact me (Jenna Gwen)or my Mother (Deb) on (02) 6255 0794 - we can arrange transport if necessary - also Tilah has NOT been desexed - but we will pay for the surgery if the new owner requests it ... I dont want my beloved pitty destroyed - she is the greatest dog I have ever had and she deserves a life!! Please help if you can ... Sincerely, Jenna Gwen

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    Re-post in the dogs for sale section. There is also, which has information on how to re-home pets. Also I would suggest putting a sale price on her so that she doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

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    If you desex her first then you won't have her going somewhere to be bred from.
    People also watch the free to good home ads for bait dogs or dogs for fighting.
    There are many adverts to free to good home so if you put a price on her she may avoid being taken for this.
    I am not sure what the laws re pitbulls changing homes are.

    Good luck. I hope you get a genuine good home for her.

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    There's no BSL in the ACT, Di.

    I suggest you contact ACT Foster and Rescue and ask their advice. About Us (ACT Rescue and Foster) ‹ ACT Rescue & Foster (ARF) Inc. (contact details at the bottom of the page)

    Good luck.

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