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    Hi, I have a 2 year old female short hair Border Collie called Sahara to give away. Wonderful family pet. Unfortunately unable to keep due to money constraints. She is toilet trained and responds to basic commands. Has not been desexed. She has a microchip and we have just renewed her Morton Bay City Council registration for a year. She is located in Strathpine on the northside of Brisbane. Please let me know if u are interested.

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    What a shame.. it must be a tough decision to have to make.

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    Yeah it is. My three year old loves her. But she deserves someone who can give her more time and spend a bit more money on her than I can

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    This site might help.

    Help! I need to rehome my pet! | PetRescue

    Pay attention to the bit where they suggest putting a price on your dog as part of finding her the right home. There's too many scum bags who will take your dog, neglect it while they try to sell it for whatever they can get. Dogs have value. Maybe set the price at the cost of getting her desexed and offer a refund on proof of desexing.

    And I would also suggest contacting the local obedience and agility clubs near where you live as border collies are very popular with those that compete.

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    Just found this forum. Have you found a home for Sahara? If not, do you have pics?

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