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Thread: Free to Good Home - Loving Beautiful Whippet X Bully

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    Default Free to Good Home - Loving Beautiful Whippet X Bully

    Due to our two dogs not getting along what so ever we are being forced to rehome one. My partner will not let our bull terrier go so we must put the beautiful Cleo up for adoption.

    Sorry for the poor photos, all the good ones are on my partners laptop. She is a 4-5 year old whippet x bull terrier who we have owned since she was 8wks. She is toilet trained and loves nothing more then snuggling up to someone in front of the heater.

    Unfortunately she will not get along with our other dog and they are continually fighting. Cleo recently had been desexed and has had stitches put in a couple of wounds. She is microchipped and vaccinated. The vets gave her a clean bill of health and checked her all over. She has never shown any aggression to any human/dog other then when provoked by our other dog at home. If there was any other way possible we would not be surrendering either of our dogs. We are happy to contribute a lot of good quality dog food to the new owner to help cover costs.

    Cleo is very shy and timid, Ideally she would go to a loving one-dog household but she has been very good with my parents and brothers dogs when they have been together and has only ever shown aggression since moving into this new house. Completely out of character.

    She is about 30kg and well fed! Possibly 2-3kg overweight if anything!

    I truly want her to be rehomed because I feel a shelter will not give her a chance. She is the perfect companion for someone and I hope she will give someone as much joy as she has given us.

    We are located in Melbourne but are definately willing to travel great distances to find a good home for her.

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    How long have you had the other dog? The aggression to one another is only recent?

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    What made you chose to get rid of her instead of your other dog may I ask?

    She is absolutely gorgeous BTW!

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    The aggression started when we moved house but also coincided with the other dog getting on heat. Honestly, if it was up to me I would be keeping Cleo but the attachment that my partner has to the little one is enormous and I don't think she could take handing her in. Also the fact that the other dog is now missing an ear and is not desexed so it will be alot harder to rehome her. We have tried everything we can within reason and its just a time bomb waiting to go off, 4 trips to the vet in 2 weeks is just too much and its unfair to the dogs as well. We can be as vigilante and keep them as seperate as possible but it only takes one slip up like last week and its on again. Both dogs are really truly beautiful dogs that would be loving in any home. They do not even show aggression to other dogs they meet, only eachother.

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    Maybe try a rescue near you. I do hope the dog finds a good home.
    I have trouble with 2 of my dogs and manage to keep them apart and on an even keel. If it is impossible for you to do so then the dog is much better off away. Sometimes yea, it can be too much.

    Good luck.

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    Just make sure you don't rehome here.

    Which is why I don't like "free to good home"... because it often means that people who have no value on the dog take it.

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    Many of the reputable non-breed rescues in Victoria actually don't take owner surrenders, as they feel that one more pound dog will die if they do. Some will allow you to use their resources for advertising, home checks etc only if you keep the dog in a foster situation until adopted.
    It doesn't sound as though that would be viable in your situation.
    You could try Melbourne Animal Rescue (contact details on their website) I believe that they do sometimes accept owner surrenders for rehoming. Failing that, perhaps one of the smaller private rescues will take her but not all of them are about what is best for the dog....

    If MAR can't help you, PM me and I'll think of someone else.

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    I'm happy to put a advert here for you... Staffords In Need

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    Thanks for all the help and advice everyone. We are going to give her a good groom this weekend and take some lovely photos, then Ill start the official adverts everywhere.

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