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Thread: Dog Kennel - Free to Good Home - Syd/SthCoast

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    Default Dog Kennel - Free to Good Home - Syd/SthCoast

    Free to good home - wooden dog kennel in good condition.

    Constructed of wood, with a removeable wooden floor for cleaning and waterproof asphaltum roof that is angled at a slant to ensure water runs off it.

    Suitable for small/small-medium sized dogs.

    There are some areas around the door that have been chewed, but it doesn't affect the kennel apart from visually. These areas could easily be sanded if required.

    The kennel can be collected from the Sutherland Shire in Sydney or the Sth Coast.

    Please inbox me for detail if you are interested. I have attached a pic of the same kennel, although please note - it is not the kennel I have for sale but is to show what the kennel looks like only.
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