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Thread: Pepper (Blue Healer X Kelpie) Free to a Good Home

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    Default Pepper (Blue Healer X Kelpie) Free to a Good Home

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    Hi, we've just come out of a rebuild/reno after the Brisbane floods and our yard is now not the size it used to be. Plus my wife is working too now and there is no one home during the day to keep Pepper company. Our kids do not spend as much time with her as they used to. Pepper is a great dog, good with people esp kids and with some regret I feel that she is better deserving a loving appreciative family with room for her to run in.

    Pepper is a very active 6 year old that really needs more exercise room than she has now. She is desexed, immunised and is up to date re worming and Sentinel.

    We are located in Chelmer (South West suburb of Brisbane).

    Please contact me for further details.

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    Default Pepper relocated

    Pepper has found a new home.

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    Hi burgey

    I hate reading stories like yours, awful all round and so glad you've found an new home for Pepper.

    Thank you for letting us know.

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