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    Ciaran is only 1 year old, has a lovely nature and will make a wonderful family pet. He is great with other dogs and children. He will need a family who can provide lots of exercise, or a large garden to run around in. We took him in a few months ago to prevent him being returned to the RSPCA - who said that he'd probably, at just 10 months old, end up being put down. We are unable to keep him as we cannot provide the space or attention he needs (as we already own 2 other dogs). He is already chipped and de-sexed, and all of his booster shots are up-to-date.
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    Location? (Just state if you don't want to be specific)

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    NAW he is beautiful! if i owned all the land i would take them all! poor babies.

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    Default love wolfhounds

    Do you still want a good home for this dog? It looks like it would suit our family.
    where about are you?
    I am in Queensland

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    This is a very old thread. I assume the OP has long gone and hopefully the dog has a lovely forever home.

    But if you want a dog like a wolfhound - I think this one is still looking for a forever home.
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