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Thread: Please Help Me

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    Unhappy Please Help Me

    Im am devistated to have to find a home for our beloved mishka "moo" . She is allegedly a great dame mastiff boxer X. And is the most beautiful animal i know inside and out. Pople often stop us to admire her. Knowing how my husband and I are with dogs somebody we know left her with us about a year and a half ago while he searched for a new home for her. She is timid and it took us a little while to get her used to us but once we did we fell in love. She is the most loyal dog and is always close by. However we already have 2 other dogs and a baby and a wildlife shelter. She has recently been fighting with our other dogs which she hads always been good with in the past. So she would probably be better as a single dog. She is 5yo and desexed and microchipped. She is well trained and completely house trained. She sometimes hangs out inside for 9 hours while im at work and doesnt really move off her bed or oops inside! she comes with her bed and kennel and lead. prospective homes will be thoroughly screened and we would love to be able to visit with her and mayb even look after her if you have a holiday? Please help if you know anybody suitable.Thanks Jess and moo
    i can be contacted on 0400438919 or 59682182 in the dandenong ranges Victoria.
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    My advice would be to contact the nearest dog rescue to you so she can be listed on pet rescue to find a good home.

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    Have you tried listing her on Gumtree?? Just be thorough in screening for a new home for her, I know you will be anyway.

    We found our baby girl, Cleo on Gumtree.

    Petrescue is a great idea though, sus them out for sure.

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    Thanks heaps. I have put her on gumtree and adds in our local vets and grooming shop. Cried all day! She just needs the right understanding owner for her.

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    Don't be too hard on yourself Jez, I'm sure the perfect home for her is out there and she'll never look back. You've been great to her, sometimes it's hard to let go though.

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    Thank you for your support. If I could figure out how to work this thing id give you all a picture of my big beautiful girl

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    Have you tried a professional dog trainer to solve her problem with the other dogs? I have 2 rescue boxer girls and as I got them they were fighting hard! One has to be gentle, but consistent and show the dogs where their place in the hierarchy is, then they are happy. Mine are now unseparable. It took me a while to realise what was going on, once I understood all I had to learn how to interact with them and everything changed basically within only a few days.

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    ok definately getting the dog trainer in. Last night the other two dogs we have started fighting really bad and they have never dont this before. I love my girls but this is insane. Im too scared to go out there. My ridgeback x has already eaten all the windows of the house and smashed 3 windows! They are regularly walked and recieve lots of interaction. I dont know where we have gone wrong.

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    Can anybody recomend a good reasonably priced dog trainer in the Dandenong Ranges victoria. We are on a tight budget as we have a young baby.

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    Id love to know if can dogs actually be stoppeed from fighting permanently?

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