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Thread: Give Away 2 Year Old Pugalier (SA)

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    I have never experienced such an insensitive and judgemental group of so called knowleadgable dog lovers as I have done on this forum. We have sought the services of two behaviouralists, a specialised behaviouralist vet, and have spent over a year undertaking obedience training. To suggest that it is difficult to be sympathetic towards someone who absolutely reached the end of all they can do and has to re-home a dog who they love dearly is sad and insensitive indeed. I'd also like to suggest that before some of you post your irrelevant judgements, that you undertake further reading on re-homing dogs which has been recommended by certain behaviouralists if it will decrease the anxiety and stress level of the troubled dog in the household in a multi-dog household.

    "Crazydog" - perhaps you need to undertake some training with regards to decorum and manners.
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    Have you tried obedience training with her? Is she getting enough attention and exercise?
    I can't see a reason why you can't keep a three legged dog and Rama.

    Oh and just a little pet hate of mine, theres no such breed as a Pugalier
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    Three legged dogs are just as capable as a 4 legged dog.
    They bounce back really quick after surgery as if nothing has happened.

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    I have known 3 legged dogs that keep their leader of pack position after amputation. What bulls333t

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    Have you discussed your problem with your vet. If they can't come up with a way for you to keep both dogs happy, they may help with re-homing.

    Most of us in here regard "rehoming" a dog for almost any reason, akin to abandoning a child so it's hard to relate or be sympathetic.

    I also suggest you put a nominal price on your dog because you need to know anyone who takes it can afford it and isn't going to use it for bait in a dog fight.

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