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Thread: Staffy Needing New Home

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    Hey Ollie,

    I hope you are able to resolve things with your Mum and keep your pup, but if not, then try to negotiate with her so that you can take the time you need to find him a home that will be suitable. I know this is a long shot, but depending on where you are, I have a good friend who is also a vet nurse, who often fosters dogs until she finds good homes for them. I'm in the Sydney area. There is also a Staffie rescue organisation - not sure if they take crossbreeds, but it's worth a try. They have a website. Perhaps you could find somebody on here you is able to help you with short-term fostering? Otherwise, give it some time and see if you get responses from on here for a new home. I absolutely agree that you need to be very careful who offers to take him while he is undesexed - lots of people see a pup like yours as a means to breed more puppies and make money, which is pretty sad. If you could ask whoever takes him to pay for him to be desexed first, if they agree, that's a good sign that they have the dog's best interests at heart and are prepared to look after him. I would also see giving him to a shelter as more of a last resort - many of them do a great job, but they don't have time to re-train puppies out of bad habits and the dogs have to go through the stress of being caged with limited attention and in unfamilar surroundings, which can make their behaviour worse. Many shelter dogs are very highly stressed and it can be traumatic for a puppy who is used to being at home in a routine. It sounds like you are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep your puppy, but parents can feel overloaded with the mess that baby animals make. It IS normal for all puppies to get into mischief, which is why they need a couple of walks a day, time at a dog-park (if there is one near you and he is fully wormed and vaccinated, including for kennel cough), etc. Perhaps the obedience club you mentioned will have somebody willing to help you and your Mum work things out?

    Good luck and keep us posted about what happens.


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    ok thanks cathy will be going to the obedience class this sunday. hope it helps

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    Hey there ollie,was just wondering how things were going ?
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    yea i still got my staffy. he has been good. ive been teaching him some tricks. he know how to sit, lay down and roller but only somtimes. but i have been having troubles trying to get him back to me when called. i want to take him to some obedience training but i dont have time. i think my mum found him a new owner but shes been saying that ever since. hope he stays with me

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    Hi Ollie! At 7 months old, this is typical behaviour for a pup. Staffies are also notorious for chewing. Get him a couple of tough rubber chew toys. My dogs also have a clam pool during the summer to keep them entertained. If you can get to training, that would be great. You have to be patient and consistent. It also helps if the whole family is on the same page with inforcing rules. Hope it all works out for you and your doggie.

    PS...As far as looks are concerned, my girl has the elongated snout and slimmer body too and she is all staffy.

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    Its great your starting to train you little guy up etc. However, you should of from the very start sat down and talked with hole family in regards to getting a dog. As this is a life in your hands and shouldnt be missed with.... fingers crossed it will work either way

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    id take ur staffy in, whether he was desexed or not

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    Smile hi

    hi my name is dennis and was interested in the staffy, are you in queensland, australia? my number is 0411 141 903 thanks

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    Dennis have you tried the trading post?
    The threads you are bumping are very very old. I doubt they would still be available.

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