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Thread: Cocker Spaniel Needs Her Forever Home

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    Unhappy Cocker Spaniel Needs Her Forever Home

    I'm looking for some advice about finding my Bella her forever home.
    It is no longer suitable for her, or anyone else for her to live here, and I can't afford to find somewhere for her and I to live alone

    I'm going to take her to the vet next week for a complete check up to double check that she's in top health before I begin my search, and am wondering what other advice anyone might have in looking for her forever home (which it needs to be, she's been through far too much to only find a temporary home).

    I'm planning to take her to prospective homes myself so that I can meet the people in their home and also see their yard, and ensure that they'd want her to live inside. I also need to ensure that they have no other pets as she is pretty intollerant of other animals, particularly as she's gotten older.

    I'm pretty lost in how to go about this, and also really sad that I have to find a home for my beautiful girl, but I want to do it in a way that will ensure the best possible outcome for her.
    She's 9 in January, she's cranky around other animals, she's not an independent animal so needs to be inside. She's got FAD (treated, but prospective owners need to be aware of how to maintain treatment and how to avoid fleas) and she will escape via whatever means possible so that she can go sniffing.She can also tend to 'get under ones feet' so would not suit an older person (this is why i adopted her, she was tripping my 85yo grandmother). Those are all of her bad points, and I think it's important to put them out there.

    Her good points are that she is very smart (esp as escaping) very loving towards humans, loves to exercise and go for car rides, doesn't bark much (but will bark at intruders), is gentle with children (this could change as she gets older, I don't know?)

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    good luck

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