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Thread: American Staffie Pup

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    No papers? contact someone in ACT and see if they can help, no BSL there yet
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    do u still have the staffy pup?

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    becky, if you are looking for a pup start a thread with what type of breed you are after and we can see if we can help you find what you are looking for

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    Hi Becky, I've noticed you asked about the Jack Russell pups and now also an Amstaff. These are both very different breeds. It seems you are keen on getting a puppy, but you need to find out what sort of puppy you really want and which breed will suit you... its kind of like buying a car. No point buying a tank if you just want a little sporty 2 door.
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    Becky there are a couple of 12 week old mixed blend pups at Bendigo RSPCA the look to be terrier x's and by the pics will be medium to large in size... very cute pups and if they don't find a home soon at risk of being PTS...

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    i'd take him in

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