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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrior

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    I have PM'd you OP.
    I cant promise any quick fix but wilcertainly do all I can to help find the lovely Guiness a new family to love.

    Assuming,judging and condemning is certainly not going to help anyone in the long run and especially not Guiness so for those that cannot offer helpful advice why not just stay out of it if it upsets you so much.
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    Thanks Choppa. That is good advice.
    I remember when sometime ago on this forum everyone applauded a woman who yelled at a child for approaching her 'gentle' dog at the park. Now, everyone wants Guiness' owners to keep him when his owners see him as a threat to their children's safety. Guiness has been with these children for 17months and I believe this to be enough time for his owners to be able to judge whether there is cause for potential harm.
    It is a very difficult and sad decision to make on the part of the owners and I applaud them for choosing a safe alternative. I am sure they will do all they can to find Guiness a loving home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Floyd View Post
    Yep, i've heard it all before too, the young child reasons are very common. I don't mean to sound horrible, but it annoys the sh!t out of me every time i hear the same ruddy excuses about owners having young children, specially from those who's dog was there before the kids, do people not realize that a dog has feelings & emotions too & is a lifetime commitment & a privilege to own & not just a disposable item.

    Maybe you should consider professional training to help with Guiness.
    I agree with you on this 100%. Only one of my pups I've ever had to rehome was one that the woman got pregnant & "couldn't keep the dog as she was going to have a baby"!

    Sorry but that is the crappy excuse anybody can come up with JMHO. Mind you the same dog now lives with a family with 3 kids, youngest was 2 when they got him & is adored by them all.

    Gee I must be a horrible mother as I never got rid of any of mine when I had kids, and they all grew up together, including my youngest daughter who was born the same day as one litter. Her & the one I kept were lifetime inseperatable companions.

    Only time my dogs mix with small children now is when the grandkids come over and if I lock the dogs in their runs Tyler (2 year old) will open them to play with the dogs.

    This is a 7 year old girl of mine who never had anything to do with kids before Tyler. Look at the look on BOTH their faces ................ happy or what? Still like that together.

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    This is a 7 year old girl of mine who never had anything to do with kids before Tyler. Look at the look on BOTH their faces ................ happy or what? Still like that together.


    That is so cute.

    I wish the original poster still visited, would love to know if he kept Guiness.

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