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Thread: Jack Russell X 11 Months Old Looking for Caring Home

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    Wink Jack Russell X 11 Months Old Looking for Caring Home

    I'm very sad to have to let my dog Echo go to a good home. I have posted her story and pics since she was only 8 weeks old here.

    I'm going overseas to live with my girlfriend on the 2nd Of March so I will have to find a home for my dog now. I would only want her to go to someone who will take good care of her.

    She has had all her vaccinations, has being de-sexed and micro chipped. I will give her away with a near new lead and collar and a few accessories and toys.

    I was told she is a Jack Russell when I bought her but I think she is half Foxie as she is taller than a Jack Russell.

    Echo is a very loving dog who would never hurt anyone or anything so would make a perfect family dog. She does jump up as you walk with her and I have never told her off for that as it doesn't worry me but if you have children then you can teach her not to quite easily by just saying "No". She might chase a bird or cat but she would only be playing and wagging her tail. She is full of energy and justs want to play and have fun all day. So she would be suited to someone with a fenced yard or who can take her out for plenty of exercise each day.

    She has also being trained to learn general commands including:

    Lay down
    Up (jump up on chair etc)
    Get Ball
    Go to bed

    and load more, I will write them when I think of them....

    She doesn't bark besides if she thinks there is someone suspicious lurking around or maybe at a cat. I bought her this big soccer ball for Christmas which is bigger than her and she chases that around the garden and grows and barks at that. She has a number of other toys and balls she also loves to play with and chase. If she knows you are watching she will show off and look out in the corner of her eyes to see if you are watching, if you are she will will grab the toy and shake it while running around the lawn. She is very funny and entertaining to watch.

    She is not scared of water and loves a bath or shower but if you have a hose on and point it at her she will run around the yard sprinting and dashing like it's a game. I once put the hose in her direction on a hot day to cool her down and since then she never trusts me with a hose and thinks I'm playing with her when I have it on

    Believe me it will be one of the hardest things for me to say goodbye to her as she has being such a perfect and loving pet. I know the first person who sees her will take her as she is so friendly and will just want to jump in your arms and give you a big kiss.

    I will update this thread if I can think of some more information.

    I have loads of pics of her, some you can see on that other thread but here is a recent one of her chasing her ball:
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    She's so cute! I hope you find a good, loving owner for her

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    thanks Masha

    I'm glad to say I have found good home for her now, with a woman who loves animals out in the country.

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    That is great news.

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