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Thread: Great Dane X Ridge Back

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    Default Great Dane X Ridge Back

    Free to loving home that can keep me in (location gold coast)
    2 year old great dane x ridge back (still a puppy the size of a small horse)
    desexed, colour black, loyal

    His name is max
    my 9 year old daughter loves him and he loves her, I am keen on him also.
    However my situation is that max is over loyal, Buy night he sleeps under the doona, he is a sook and seeks much love and attention.

    and by day he guards.
    unknown visitors will not be welcome, and walkers by will cross the street to pass the house
    I am unable to keep him in as he will run out the front whatever chance he gets. he will also attack other dogs for no reason, chase any motorbike.
    He is very protective and should not be trusted with strangers.

    Breaks my heart, but if i cannot find a suitable home, Max will be put down on saturday

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    Ohhh! I already replied to this and my post disappeared

    Anyway, this is soooo sad!
    I agree 100% with Puggerup.
    Brett , Has the dog had any training? Sounds like he hasn't been socialized.
    Have you considered getting help?
    Why give up on him? Most dogs have issues at some stage and most are resolved by committing to training, socializing, and positive reinforcement.
    Why on earth would you give it till Saturday and then give it the needle???
    Brett, you'll have to be really honest and in depth with your responses to have any chance of rehoming this beautiful boy.

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    Max has been socialized as a puppy, I took him for walks every two or so days, Including dog parks - also came to work with me. Everything was fine
    He is always out and about with me on the back of the ute.

    I have a fence that contains him, 4 people coming and going not giving a thought to the dog is my issue.

    He has a bark collar, he will not bark with it on, however when their is some one out the front he will bark forever despite the pain of the electricity.

    He has a spring chain, for temporarily being chained while people come over.

    He has a soft muzzle

    Max has been trained and will do anything i tell him promptly, unless he sees another dog or is being protective.

    This is hard wired into max and will never be trained out of him (I got him neutered in the hope he might relax just a bit)

    I am not giving up on Max, Just trying to find some one that is convinced they can keep him in.

    I am going for two weeks for work on monday, I could not live with myself if the dog got out and killed another dog (this will happen)

    If some one comes in the gate and gets bitten because no one let them in. (I wasn't their to make sure the gate was locked)

    Any dog trainer will tell you that this dog they can not help - He is a hunter and a protector (eight months old he saw cows - he attacked one of them)

    I have only noted the negatives, Max has even more possatives
    I am seeking for a suitable home for him

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    He is such a beautiful boy and I'd love to have him here. However, I already have 9 dogs. Maybe it is worth doing some more work with him.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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    It's a heartbreaking story. Some dogs just don't fit in. I so much hope you will find someone for Max, but it seems he may just be too much. You seem to have done all you can, you need a home with no other dogs and a good knowledge of dogs strong-willed dogs with issues. It isn't a simple thing at all. I wish you and Max luck.

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    I thank every one for their concern.

    And yes it is a predicament that i do not wish to continue with a different owner, I am hoping to find a suitable owner.

    Its a real shame because of Max's good qualities, He is really a big sook that needs to be spoilt as me and my daughter make sure we do.

    If i had a yard in the back and not the front, I am sure that he would settle over time, with socializing.
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    I don't dare to ask.... What happend to this georgous boy?

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    Default @Hippo

    I have put my flight off for a short while.
    Just trying to exuast every option i can.

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    Brett I am impressed at your devotion to being both a responsible owner and citizen, and in consideration of the wellbeing of the dog.

    You are in a predicament because you care, a lot of people would not be. I applaud you for that.

    Good luck, I have no easy solutions.
    Topdog collars (formerly Soverencraft.)

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    I have been reading all the posts about max, I was just wondering if you have taken max to a vet that specialises in behavior issues??

    I am a vet nurse and I see alot of dogs with behavior issues and he really does seem to need a consult!! You have a really hard situation to deal with. I just thought you may not have thought about taking your dog to a vet. Maybe some medication is needed and that can calm him down enough to work on his problems?!?!

    I know you have said that know that know dog trainer will be able to help but have you actually gone to see one. I know of places that offer one on one training with you and your pet. Has he gone to more than one place??? Because I know from experience that some dog training places are better than others!!

    Has there been any change with him since your first post??

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