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    We have recently moved and are building a new home with the construction time being delayed. We unfortunatley have to give our very much loved labradors away as a result. We have 5year old Diego who is a black male lab, desexed and has papers, along with Diego is his little sister Ellie who is only just 1, she is a chocolate lab and has also been desexed.
    We are desperate to give Ellie and Diego a home together, they are both excellent with our children aged 3 and 2 who will miss them dearly. If you can help us find a loving home for them please let me know. Time is not on our side so please even if you know of a friend that may love these beautiful breeds of dogs but does not want the puppy stage let me know. We are from Newcastle NSW.
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    Do you have friends family or someone that could look after them untill your house is done, So you dont have to give them away?

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    Are you sure you can't make other arrangements? Temporary care? Temporary foster care? Why do they have to go for good?

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    I know exactly what you are saying, but we have already had them with my husbands parents for 2 months and they are unable to look after them anymore. I have asked friends and family but the majority of them either already have dogs or no yard. We have also looked into boarding them but simply cannot afford it. I have asked through this forum just hoping someone may be able to help.

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    Even though it is not entirely ideal, are you able to perhaps afford boarding for them? Long term rates can be reduced significantly with a little negotiation.
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    If you did find someone to take care of them till you were ready to take them, would you keep them? Or have you made up your mind to re-home them forever? What state are you in?

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