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Just to clear a few things up. I had no internet for 1 1/2 weeks as the tower in my town was damaged and therefore could not get any internet, therefore no dog forum. I had my daughter in surgery, I went to a conference relating to my chronic illness and ended up being 250km away from my family and very ill. My dog got rehomed, and that was the comment to say all sorted. She then got bought back because she was very distressed, vomiting, jumping fences, digging frantically and running in circles.
I then made the very painful decision last night to have her PTS which was done this morning. I am now very heart broken and grieving for my beautiful girl, that I tried everything within my power to first keep, then rehome. I also have a very sensitive 8 year old girl who is inconsolable and a 6 year old boy who doesn't know how to feel about it. I got back online this morning, after Sass had been PTS and came on this site to see what people had said. If you read back yourselves you can imagine how I feel.
Sorry to hear alacrityvirtue, from what you have written it was the right decision for her and she would not have coped with out you. Still it doesn't take away the pain. My thoughts are with you and your family, I hope your health is improving.