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Thread: lovely Lab with baggage, needs a home

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    Hi all

    My name is MJ and I was involved in breed rescue for years (Great Dane), however, this post isn't about them (yet!) Close friends of mine took over a gorgeous male desexed Labrador called Ben a few months ago. His baggage is anxiety. They have done wonderful work with him and he has progressed very well. He knows to leave the room and put himself somewhere safe if he feels anxious around newcomers. He is fine with their two dogs, a male desexed Dane and a female desexed Blue Heeler. He is particularly worried about children so we do not recommend a home with children around. He is very well behaved otherwise, walks offlead and is fully house trained. He is living in Bowen Mountain, near Richmond, NSW. My friends would keep him if it were not that they travel a lot and he gets anxious in constantly changing situations. Can anyone help? Would anyone be able to give this lovely boy a forever home? Thanks for any input or help.

    MJ (Marie)

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    MJ Marie

    I have moved the thread to the rehome zone...

    This website has some good advice on the procedure for rehoming and it looks like a good start in the right direction has been made eg the dog is desexed and you say where he is roughly.
    Help! I need to rehome my pet! | PetRescue

    It would be helpful to mention how old he might be approximately. It can also be helpful to put a token fee on him to cover vet costs like worming and vaccination and stop people who want free dogs for bad reasons - but if you work with breed rescue, you would already know that.

    And if the dog had ANKC breeders - they may be interested in taking him back - ie they should get the first call, when it comes to rehoming. Some breeders get very upset to find their beloved puppy has become unwanted free to good home or in a shelter. There may also be a lab rescue group that would have some helpful advice.

    A poster with his details at his local vet may also help find him a home.

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    Thanks for that advice. Ben has just turned 4 years old. My friends say he has papers and they will also contact his breeder and see if they can help. They have been in contact with Lab rescue and continue to be so. What Ben needs most is stability so they are reluctant to place him in a foster home and would rather he go straight into a forever home, as much as is possible to do so. That home is out there somewhere and we will find it!

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