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    I am regretfully making the decision to rehome my beautiful black female kelpie. Due to both mine and my husbands work commitments changing we have come to the decision that the best thing for her is to rehome as we dont have the time that she needs.

    She is 1yo and purebred working line bred. She is great with kids, horses, chooks and other dogs. She would excel in any home but I think she would be excellent at dog sports. She is fully vaccinated, desexed, wormed and microchipped. She is happy enough to laze around the house all day but does need to be walked at least once a day. She also needs work on her recall but with constant training she would have it down pat in no time. I unfortunately just dont have that time to put into her.

    For more information or photos please email me at

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    Hi Lelani

    It's sad you can't find the time for your dog. Everybody working all day would make it hard to keep up with a kelpie. But training doesn't take as long as you think and you can do quite a bit in front of the telly while you're relaxinig. And getting up a bit earlier so you both get some exercise could only be a good thing.

    That said - it's great she's already fully vaccinated, desexed, wormed and microchipped. You may also want to put up a photo and details at your local vet for rehoming her.

    And you might like to tell us where your nearest big city is so we have a vague idea of whether your dog is close to us or not, and maybe suggest some agility clubs you could check out with a view to joining in or rehoming. Most of them have after hours training times. And some of them would be able to help with the skills you need to get a great recall. It takes 5 minutes a day or 2 sessions of 5 treats/games.

    There is also an "australian working dog rescue" that might have some ideas to help. I think they might be most active on facebook.
    Australian Working Dog Rescue | Facebook

    And at pet rescue, there are some good suggestions for what to do in rehoming your dog - including putting on a token fee and why - at least in your ads.

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