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Thread: Good or Bad

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    I too think it's great, so long as you have your dog under control. My dogs don't like strange dogs, and I hate when people let their dogs run amok and come rushing up to them. They're not nasty, just don't like strangers getting in their faces. I wouldn't like strange people running up to make friends with me all the time either!

    "He only wants to say hello" or "Don't worry, he's friendly" are all well and good. Mine don't want to say hello. Pus if I have up to four 40kg dogs on leads with me - I don't want to share other people's dogs either!

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    The more time you spend with your dog the more you can bond. I don't think it's an issue at all. It's good you take him everywhere.
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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    Yer well that's good then cheers ay.
    Yer I went to my parents to night and course I took Rex, I found out today he is a half pity
    I don't mind at all but mum don't like pittys but coz she didn't know she likes him but is heaps like
    Well weary I guess watches him more.

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