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Thread: Puppy home alone all day

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    Unhappy Puppy home alone all day

    Hi all,

    Today is the first time our baby Hazel is alone at home by herself all day, as Nicole's parents are no longer staying with us.

    Nicole and I are rather worried about her at the moment, before we left this morning we fed her more than usual as she will only be having 2 meals a day instead of 3, having said that she did have some left over which we left for her to finish through out the day.

    She's too young to be left outside by her self as shes only 10 weeks old.

    I heard leaving the radio on will be good for Hazel as it will calm her down, we tried this over the weekend and it seems like it works quite well.

    Was just after some advice/tips on how to keep her happy and entertain at home.

    What other strategy do you guys employ?


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    Wear her out before you go and leave lots of interesting toys and food for her. As she is inside you can't give her fresh bones of course. But rawhide chews are always good. A couple of different types maybe. And kong, kong wobbler, treat ball and any other boredom buster toy you care to invest in. You could also just hide treats throughout the house. I used to do this with my (older) dog in the backyard before I left and it at least made leaving much easier.

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    I take my pup for a quick walk before I go to work so that he's settled (he's only small so he doesn't need much of a walk), but if you don't have all the vaccinations yet, you can always just play with them in the yard or have them run around the house. I also feed him as I leave and give him a frozen chicken or lamb bone, a kong with different things in it (I mix it up to keep it interesting) and I give him a couple of toys that I rotate every couple of days. Oh and he's got a flat stuffed bed/matt and his crate as places to sleep. I initially only had him inside, but I found it's been a lot better giving him access to outside as well, then he can also go and sniff around in the yard to keep him occupied (also helps a little with toilet training if they at least have the option of going outside).

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    She does need to be very tired just before you leave in the morning.Use a flirt pole (Fishing rod or buggy whip with sheepskin tied to end of string.) Leave lots of interactive food dispensing toys as well as a stuffed kong. I have also found plastic flower pots and plastic water pipe are popular. Do not reecommend stuffed toys as they tend to destuff them rapidly and if they eat it they could get bound up.
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    Dont make a fuss....thats my advice.

    I dont do anything special. And now as adults my guys know their routine down pat. I dont even have to tell them to do anything in the mornings when I go to work, they do it all automaticaly lol

    But, you have to find what works well for you guys and what doesnt.

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    Our puppy has been left at home a few times by itself now.

    Usually I would just put it in the laundry and close the child gate so she can't go tearing up the house. I also put the radio on as it she seemed to be calmer when it wasn't dead silent in the house. That seemed to work well and we'd usually find her snoozing on our return. Just with a couple wee's and a poo in the laundry.

    I would wear her out before leaving and make sure she went toilet before leaving.

    As of Monday, she is outside in her new brand new kennel. Lots of water, lots of toys and a raw bone keep her amused.

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