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    Hello, first time poster here.

    My hubby and I took delivery of a gorgeous 16wk Italian Greyhound puppy almost 2 weeks ago.

    She has certainly gained more and more confidence in the time we have had her, and it seems now she needs more and more things to keep her stimulated. I have been off work for the past few days with an awful cold, so she has had me full time for the past few days, and because of this I think she is getting into more and more mischief. Anything and everything that she can reach, gets dragged out to the backyard. Not really destroyed, just taken out there. And she is blatantly doing it in front of me, like "look what I am doing, you are going to have to chase me now" . This would be fine if I had the energy, but being sick I am severely lacking it.

    When I get over this cold and back to work, I am going to try and maybe take her for a walk in the mornings to use some of her energy up. I don't think she is starved of attention, my in laws mind her twice a week and she spends 2 days at home by herself and hubby only works 4 days a week so she has him too. On the days she is at home by herself, I try and make them my short days, so she isn't by herself for too long.

    So what can I give her that will keep her occupied for a while, so she is not looking for trouble ie hole digging, her first one today ggggrrrr.

    Secondly, she loves being outside, we have locked her in, but I think she would be happier if she was out when we weren't here during the day. Being an IG, she is very fine coated, so gets cold, but I worry about keeping a coat on her too. Any suggestions there?

    Sorry about the epic first post, so many questions.

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    i'm sure people have seen worse first posts


    well, any number of toy options for dogs to keep them entertained.
    some they will just distroy while they are teething
    others will learn not to chew them up, and others might just enjoy chewing.
    so guess its just teaching them what is ok to chew ect.

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    Beautiful dog you have! I know there are great toys, now, that you load with food and they have to roll about to get treats, etc but I don't need them and am too broke to buy non necessities, so I don't know what they are called or where you buy them. In summer, I get a cup, put a tablespoon of fishy cat food in it, (smells stronger), mix in hot water, to sloppy mess, pour that in an empty plastic 4 litre ice cream container, fill to an inch from the top with water, freeze, and tip out in shade, as you leave, on a hot day. Very cheap, low calorie, and cooling. Sounds as tho' she has a great life ahead... give you a year, then try to lure you into adopting a rescue dog, as well. Too much good home for just one doggie....

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    My advice is to not chase her if she has taken something that she is not supposed to, because that way you will never teach her the boundaries. Better to swap it for a toy or first a treat and then a toy.

    I believe walks in the morning are a must. I'm sometimes too tired our lazy for walks after work, but I never, ever skip our morning walk. If you can take her to an off leash area for a good romp, even better. Or teach her to run along the bike.

    Teaching fetch is also great for exercise, though I failed miserably with my dog there.

    And training is great for mental stimulation and also tires them out, though at her age you probably would have to keep it to multiple 5 minute sessions.

    And provide lots of things to chew on. Fresh bones and rawhide are our faves.

    Dogs's taste in toys tend to very greatly. Some dogs can spend ages getting food out of kongs or plastic bottles, some like treat balls or those puzzle toys, or finding hidden treasures in sandpits, some just want to chew... You'll have to experiment a bit.

    I left the back door ajar for my dog when I went to work from the start. The first weeks my house looked like a bomb site when I got home. Now it's fine.

    My old wolfhound cross used to drag stuff onto the lawn when I went out at night. Always the things I had touched justed before I left. The cordless phone was always amongst them. And once she managed to drag a massive book, like encyclopedia size, outside.

    Coats: I love, love, love the ones with the zip along the back. My wolfhound cross needed a coat in winter and it was the only one that would stay on properly. And she loved it. I think the brand is Prestige Pets, will post link later, am typing on phone.

    My current dog has a natural coat like a polar bear's and I feel disappointed I cannot put a coat on her!

    Oh and photos are a must. Especially of cute (and naughty) puppies!

    ETA: Switched to the laptop. These are the coats I love:
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    I know how demotivating it is to work a dog when you are feeling cr*p. However you do not need to take the dog for walks if you train the retreive. Find a horse supply store and see if they have buggy whips. Tie a piece of sheepskin to the end and drag this in front of the pup. When she catches it, shorten up the line until you can grab the skin and have a game of tug. Remove the skin and throw it away and immediately drag away from dog so the dog has to chase. Repeat
    If you get her really tired she will sleep for a couple of hours.
    When she wakes up , a kong filled with peanut butter will keep her occupied for a long time.
    Tie a piece of bungy chord to a tree or fence and tie a piece of sheepskin to the end. Having taught the pup that sheepskin is nice to play with, she will try and run off with this piece. As it stretches out, she will let go and as it springs back, she has to chase it to catch it again.
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