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Thread: Should I get a puppy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by findeb View Post
    Hi Ricey, when I was looking through pounds, refuges and rescue places all over Perth in September last year there were a few pups from the same litter at City of Stirling pound and they looked very similar to the pup above.

    I'm pretty sure they were labelled as pitbull, possibly pitbull x, and the ranger told us that the owner had surrendered the litter, they were that same light tan colour and just beautiful looking puppies.
    Yes, when the time comes I don't think that I will have too much trouble finding a pit bull puppy here; WA is just crawling with the little buggers LOL! Stirling has a ranger who is quite 'pro pitbull' and there are a few other rangers from various councils who don't have a problem with pit bulls. My local council Bayswater rangers knew exactly what breed my Hobbes is but advised me to register him as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. So I did; that might upset a few owners and breeders of SBT's but in reality, the American Pit Bull terrier is the direct descendant of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and no one should try to deny that. Similarly, the American Staffordshire terrier is the direct descendant of the American Pit Bull terrier and no one should try to deny that either.

    I get mightily pissed off when AmStaff breeders and owners attempt to deny their breed's lineage. AmStaff = APBT; all AmStaffs are pure bred APBT's. Not all APBT's are AmStaffs, but all AmStaffs are APBT's.


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    Yes, yes and yes! I agree with everything everyone has already said so there is no need for me to repeat all that.
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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