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Thread: Should I get a puppy?

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    You know what I'm like Ricey

    Go the puppy....and I'm sure when the time comes and you are ready for said puppy we can arrange the best of both worlds through rescue

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    The rescue organisation I foster for often has litters of puppies. Sometimes they have been abandoned and are being bottle-fed, sometimes the mother ended up in the pound pregnant and gives birth at her foster home. Most of them are crossbreeds though.

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    G'day Ricey, raising a pup from a young age teaching it, watching it grow and mature and the bonding cannot compare to an adult acquisition with pre done growing etc, as good as they are and they are good. Just as a home born into your hand, removing the sack type scenario and raised family pup perhaps having to be bottle fed growing into and adult dog for keeps cannot compare to a simple puppy acquisition into an adult.
    All the best .

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    Bringing a tiny pup home is sooo exciting. Its like having a baby.

    And watching them run round on their stubby little legs and leanr stuff is just so much fun.

    I could have a house full of puppies all the time if I was allowed. I have infinite patience for puppies, they can NEVER make me angry no matter how naughty they are LOL. They are just too cute to be mad at.

    Whoever invented puppies is just cruel coz they are so cute lol

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    Ricey you have to experience the joy of a puppy at least once! There is nothing better than watching them grow and even with the accidents inside, puppy breath and the chewing its still worthwhile.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I am a big pitty type fan myself! Add Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue on Facebook if you have it (they are Perth based) as they often have pregnant bitches surrendered that eventually have pups.!/staffyandbullybreedrescue
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    I agree with everybody else, go the puppy if you really want one!

    I'm like you, i've never owned my own puppy, but i did grow up with two pit puppies (my mum's ex bf's dogs) who i loved immensely, they were truly great dogs & i have great appreciation for the breed because of those two (chocky & pearl)

    ATM I've never felt the need to have a puppy (or a baby to my OH's dismay, lol) I haven't the time to commit fully to a pup, i think they are cute and i have heaps of fun playing with them at the OL parks but i'm actually glad to leave them behind - there is only so much jumping up & licks to the face i can take to be honest. Sure my attitude to getting a puppy later on down the track may change (as well as human babies lol) but for now, i'm quite happy to take in older rescues.

    Also depends on the breed, some breeds are harder to rehome as they are very loyal one man breeds (such as the pitbull). OH would love to get an American Bulldog somewhere along track (and not for a very, very long time!) and he say's must be a pup as he refuses to get an older one (he has concerns) but we gotta couple of years to argue that one out

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    Yes!!!!!!!!!!......Puppies are such a joy and you end up with such an uncomplicated dog with no history.

    I do the Rescue/puppy/rescue......I allow myself the occasional puppy, just to have that confident happy soul.

    I love my Rescues and they adore us. I live for my rescues, but there is such a simple love between a dog you have had from puppy......

    I have been lucky and have had some Puppy rescues, a bit of both

    I can imagine a Pitbull from puppy raised happily would be a great ambassador for the Breed....It is what we need more of. Go on get a puppy and enjoy
    Pets are forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keira & Phoenix View Post
    There is BSL in WA. BSL in WA requires that any dog of a restricted breed wear special collars, have special child proof enclosures, signage on fences etc and if a police officer or council officers believes that the above is not being followed they can seize and destroy the dog.

    Certainly not the worst BSL in the country but still BSL.

    I am sure Ricey is aware of all of this and is willing to do what is required.

    Puppies are great Ricey, I personally will probably more often then not have a combo of 1 rescue, 1 of my own raised dogs, depending on the dogs. I like the idea of raising my own puppy so I can ensure they are getting the socialisation that I want them to get (which is shiteloads) but I also want to help the unfortunate buggers who through no fault of their own end up homeless.

    Keep us updated on your search for a breeder (please make sure you go through someone reputable who isn't just in it for the $$$, our breed is too precious and to endangered to encourage idiots).
    Hi K & P,

    Yes, there is BSL in WA and on paper it sounds really bad. But, it is completely toothless (unlike pit bulls and other so-called 'dangerous dogs' LOL!). Although rabid council rangers (who are certainly not in the majority here in WA) would like to tell you that they have the power determine your dog's breed and seize it, in reality there is only one government official who is legally allowed to determine the breed of a disputed breed dog in WA. And that government official has never ever exercised that power, and he is on record stating that he never will. So "hypothetically" you could have a Dogo Argentino or a Fila Brasiliero or an imported Colby pit bull terrier here in WA and you could register it as a chinese crested/silky terrier cross. And nobody in WA is legally allowed to disagree with you.

    My Hobbes is registered as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier; that is what I was told to register him as by the head ranger at my local pound. At the time, I genuinely believed he was an SBT (silly me) but the ranger knew what he was and thought that I did too.

    My puppy will be a "Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross" of some sort and he will not have a red nose; that is just too blatant. If I can get a rescue pit bull puppy from Bec, that is my preferred option.100_9664.jpg100_9621.jpg

    I should have kept this puppy, but I didn't. He got rehomed around 2 years ago.


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    Hi Ricey, when I was looking through pounds, refuges and rescue places all over Perth in September last year there were a few pups from the same litter at City of Stirling pound and they looked very similar to the pup above.

    I'm pretty sure they were labelled as pitbull, possibly pitbull x, and the ranger told us that the owner had surrendered the litter, they were that same light tan colour and just beautiful looking puppies.

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