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    Im getting my puppy in a few weeks and just wanted to make sure I've got everything 'planned' to some extent.
    I haven't even got him and the looks on peoples faces are hilerous. His a border collie x beagle and so far everyone (in person not on net) has something negative to say about him, "a working dog x hound?? are you crazy, thats going to be soooo much work??" Even got asked by my grandmother and brother if I was planing on going hunting with him! Is there anyway to get people not to judge dogs on their breed?

    How often should I be feeding him? At the moment his getting fed 3 times a day, but I was thinking 4 times a day. Is 3 or 5 times a day better than 4? Or does it all depend on the individual puppy? I can't have food with him all day because my other dog would eat it all.

    How often should you let them out for potty breaks? His going to be inside most of the time when I am at home and I was thinking about taking him outside every hour. He will also be sleeping inside and I have no clue how often he should be let out during the night.

    Should he have acess to water at all times including at night?

    Should I start training him as soon as I get him? I'm going to make sure he knows the rules from day one, like he can't run inside, must be near me, has to sit on his mat unless invited onto the couch but should I start training walking on lead, sit, come, ect, when I get him or wait until his older?


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    If he's a big eater then three times a day is plenty. Some who stuff their food down big and fast are settled on two, but three is more common. If he is picky you can try four.

    Every two hours for toilet. Less if he is asleep, ie don't wake him to take him out. And more if he is up and playing, like every time he pauses or sniffs about.

    If he's having dry food (kibble) yes he should have water at all times.

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    I fed Harley 3 times a day and when Bella came she was only 2... they are still 2 now. I think 3 if you can do it is fine. I would take to toilet every hour to two hours and as Nattylou said as soon as puppy starts sniffing around. Training the basics from day one will also help by the time you go to puppy school! Have you put up any pictures? My Aunty has a beagle cross whippet and she's pretty cute, very smart.

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    Opps forgot a question...

    I want to change what dry food his getting, I prefere what I feed, do I need to wait awhile before doing this or just slowly start mixing it in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    Have you put up any pictures?
    Yeah I have

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    If he has always eaten the same sort of food since weaning I would change it over gradually. About two weeks is recommended. Check with the breeder though. If he's had some variety already it may be easier to change his diet over more quickly.

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    I would feed 3 times a day. That's plenty.

    Personally, I would have water available at all times. They cant tell you when they are thirsty and pups can get dehydrated pretty quickly. However, I owuld not allow acess to it over night.

    Potty every hour or two. Plus five to ten minutes after eating or drinking. Immediately after a sleep an dimmediately after finished playing. As well as every time you see him sniffing.

    Training I would leave but thats just me personally. The first few days or week or two I always allow for just enjoying the new baby. Obviously they do start learning new things then like what they can and cannot chew etc...but I dont focus on sit or lie down or anything til a bit later.

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    Our BC pups have been fed 3 times a day till they get to around 5 months. We have fed puppy kibble mixed with water so the biscuits go soft and they get sufficient water with the meal. Will still need access to a water bowl all day.
    As a rule of thumb, puppys need to poop shortly after they have eaten, something like a sausage machine - in at the front and pushed out the rear. They generally need to pee as soon as they wake from a sleep. If you are using a crate, wait for her to tell you she is awake then walk her straight outside. Do not let her stop and sniff. It will be harder if not crated as you will need to keep an eye on her all the time.
    You do need to start the training as soon as you get home. A pup is really keen to learn in those early weeks. Your training sessions need to be short - 5 to 10 minutes max and full of fun and treats.
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