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Thread: bad to get a 6 week old pup??

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    Where did that come from... The topic shouldn't be deleted, it is a good source of information for others with a similar question who may hopefully reach a different conclusion.

    No-one can change your mind if it's already made up, but it's well worth taking the time to try and fully understand what people are saying. If you take the puppy thinking you "know it all" then you aren't going to get very far.
    I have been living with dogs, puppies and whole litters for 26 years and I'm still learning.

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    I don't think this thread should be deleted - it is loaded with information that will be helpful to other puppy buyers.

    Sheena - Not every situation can be idyllic, circumstances dictate what we can or can't do. If you take this puppy at 6 weeks old, as seems to be your option at this stage, I'm sure you will do the best you can for it and I'm sure things will turn out fine. Best of luck!

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    I think it was a bit miserable to tell Sheena to find another puppy. She's been visiting it a lot and is already attached to it. Fact is, this little bub is going to be out the door, whether Sheena takes it or not. Far better that it go to someone who genuinely cares for it and will hopefully, try to care for it so carefully. Tho' no one who knows a lot about dogs would say they were not able to learn a great deal more. This puppy is going to someone who wants the best for it, even if circumstances aren't ideal. Best, at this point, to wish her and the puppy the best and be here for problems, advice on food, etc. I think the thread should stay, as anyone thinking of getting a new puppy but not yet committed to one, will clearly see that the most experienced put forward so many reasons for waiting. Melodrama over. New start... Sheena has a premmy baby!
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    I'm just frustated. All the opinions I get here are negative where as all the ones I get from people at dog obediance are possitive.
    They all think he will be compleatly fine and that he will not take anymore effort than an 8 week old puppy. They have bought puppies as young as 5 weeks and all turn out perfectly fine even though they didn't put in anymore effort than when they got an 8 week old pup.

    What I ment by "I know how to do all of that" is that I know how to train dogs, yeah Ive only ever trained 2 but atleast I know something.. My puppy was easy to train, learned everything quickly other than drop but I'm not expecting my new puppy to learn that quickly. Im prepaired to put in all the effort to make sure his well trained and well socialised, Im going to start training him practically as soon as I get him so when he does start going to obidence class I wont have to teach him the way they teach puppys to sit... I dont like the idea of putting them into a sit position if they don't do it quick enough.

    He may or may not be 6 weeks old when I get him, if his not fully weaned the breeder will not let them go obviously. She wouldnt be letting them go at 6 weeks old if she didnt feel they where ready to go.

    All I can really say is that no matter what age my puppy is when I get him I will love him and look after him the best I can.

    Sorry for being rude before..

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    for you and puppy. You'll be fine. It's not the best, but if you take out all the people and dogs that had less than the perfect start, there'd only be about 4 people online.

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    we got our puppy the day he turned 6 weeks. we didn't have any trouble with him in terms of feeding or sleeping and he didn't suffer any separation anxiety which really surprised me. having said that he's my first pup so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.
    we took a few days off work to help settle him in. the only thing i'd say I noticed was that he was not as sociable as the other pups at puppy school and was pretty shy during play time and his play was a bit awkward. he was 9 weeks then but he was very quickly playing like the other pups and he's 12 weeks now and the dog trainer says she sees no issues at all with him.

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    This is probably going to sound condescending and I really don't mean for it to be, but other people at dog training are just average pet owners like yourself. The people on here saying that yes, getting a 6 week old pup is bad are the ones who really know their stuff when it comes to dogs.

    At 6 weeks he should be fully weaned, I don't know many people who are still weaning at that age.

    Good luck, I hope we haven't put you off asking for help. I know the pup will end up in a good home, it's more educating the breeder about selling underage puppies I'm concerned with. That's why we have the 8 week rule in the ANKC.

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    I have continual arguements with some members of my dog obedience club who are still really old school about traiing eg choke collars, corrections, pushing a dog into a sit... it's not the best way, it's not just me saying that, it's animal behaviour scientists who have actually tested the different methods with lots of animals (and dogs). So you have to pick and choose who you listen to at dog clubs. Our chief instructor knows the best methods but she thinks the general public are too stupid to learn them or just not interested and she's worried she will lose some of the old school instructors. Meantime - it costs her about 10 younger instructors who are more knowlegable with the benefits of reward based training over correction based training.

    I had to learn about reward based training - because the yank and crank made my dog shut down completely - she'd just switch off.

    So it's great you go to a dog club and they're positive. I'm not sure about the methods you describe. "yes dear" and then doing your own thing goes a long way. It's frustrating when it's someone you want to try something different because their dog clearly is switched off and not interested, and it's frustrating when it's someone who firmly believes their dog needs to be punished all the time and never prasied or rewarded... Cuts both ways I guess. The old school instructors (one of whom can't get her puppy to come to her - I know why - it's because she's ruined the relationship with too much punishment), find me and my methods frustrating too.

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    The people who I talk to at obeidance are experianced dog owners that have had them their whole live. Who train with positive reinforcment. They have had both 6 week old puppies and 8 weeks and they have told me that they didnt experiance anything different in a 6 week old pup.

    I havent talked to the puppy/beginner class trainer as I dislike her methods. To get the puppies to heel they pull them back into a heel position and to get them to sit they force them to. All the other trainers use positive reinforcement, they teach the dog what they want and praise when they do it. The obideance club I go to try to get people not to use choke/check chains, they prefere to teach the dog not to pull rather than force it not to. There are some people who use them though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xx_sheena_xx View Post
    My puppy is almost weaned already, his 4 weeks old.
    The lady who im getting him off says i can have him when his 6 weeks old if his fully weaned

    Is there any problems getting a 6 week old pup? Ive heard of lots of people doing it and there dogs all seem compleatly fine
    This was the question we were all asked, you got answers to the best of our ability.

    I an a Volunteer Instructor at a Kennel Club...My hubby and I have struggled for the last few years to get positive training to be the main stay in the Kennel mostly is, there are still the old hitler camp ones. I take the babies and Beginners and so does my hubby......I do see a difference. And I have seen many. I have one myself, like I said, a 5 week old rescue. Now she according to most people is the perfect dog. She is a very social dog, therapy dog and has her UDX/agillity and water rescue work......But I know when I see her interact with other dogs, she is not as savvy as the dogs who have been longer in their litters. Most people do not even notice those little differences....I also do obehaviour training ( as a business)and I take long histories on those many dogs. And I will tell you that there are many Puppy Farm puppies and puppies who leave the litter early in my problem dogs........Especially dogs with dog to dog problems. So all I was giving you was an answer that I thought was fair and honest.

    That said, if the owner lets the puppies go, you will have to take up the slack and socialise the puppy lots...Do not wait like most vets tell you for all the vaccinations to be out of the way......Find puppie of similar age and size to socialise and play with. And many other dogs of all other ages and size, who are friendly and "clean"...Same for lots of people of all ages, sex, ethnicity and size....And all the noises in the worls....good luck anyway and enjoy your puppy
    Pets are forever

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