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Thread: Got our first Puppy, but need some advice :)

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    Red face Got our first Puppy, but need some advice :)

    Hi All,

    My partner and I have just purchased our very first puppy on Saturday, she's an Pomeranian X German Spitz and we just love her to bits , she's currently 8 weeks old and is named Hazel

    However we are just after some advice on what sorta food we should be feeding her, currently we are feeding her what the pet shopped recommended which is a mixture of Innova Dog Puppy Can and Royal Canine Mini Light as shown in the links below

    Innova Dog Puppy Cans - Buy Innova Dog Puppy Cans Online | Paws For Life
    Royal Canin Mini Light - Buy Royal Canin Mini Light Online | Paws For Life

    However we are not too sure how good they really are as ultimately we want whats best for our little puppy, any advice/tip on what food to buy would be great.

    Also another thing how long before we can give her some different food like chicken wings and etc?

    I heard chicken wings are great for dogs teeth, but besides that what other food are good for dogs?


    Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Many many thanks in advance.

    Jaron & Nicole

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    Hi jaron and Nicole, ,
    Hazel is adorable, thank you for the pic, she looks a little like a "mini Mojo" an adorable Bull Mastiff who's colourful owner here Sean will no doubt welcome you with a pic of himself in a dress and mojo with a bandaged leg .

    Congratulations on your new puppy

    As far as feeding her goes, it is very important to make any changes very slowly by introducing new foods gradually. Many here, including myself are big fans of raw food eg, mince (human grade or pet without preservatives), RAW chicken necks or frames, vegies eg carrot, broc, eggs (raw or cooked) a couple of times a week and a good quality dry food such as blackhawk (puppy).

    I have cavalier king charles and they mainly have chicken necksframes and a small amount of dry food daily, twice weekly vegies, mince, eggs and flaxseed oil.

    But there are many variations and you will get differing opinions all just as good.
    I tend to stay away from chicken wings as my vet once told me he has had a few dogs with the tip lodged in their throats, but i know many other dogs who have them with no problems, but i just feel its better to be safe than sorry.
    You could start Hazel on a chicken neck or frame now as the chewing is good for their teeth, as is raw meaty bones which could very well save your lounge suite or the corner of your bed .

    I look forward to more pics as she grows.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply, I might introduce skip the whole chicken wing thing for now as she is still rather small, but will try the chicken neck thing in a few weeks time after her first pet visit

    As for chewing stuff, she's currently loving the pig ears which we got from the pet store.

    Will definitely upload more pics as time goes.

    Another thing with Hazel is that she is a very smart girl, my partner have already toilet trained her on the first day when we got it which was surprising.

    We have just taught her to sit and come to us when we call her.

    Another thing is that both my partner and I work full time, so I was wondering is it okay to leave her in the backyard all day after all the vaccination have been completed, but we will definitely bring her in right away when we get home as we love her too much and there is no way we will let her sleep outside.

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    Pups sleep a heck of a lot. As long as she has a weather proof comfy place, safe stuff to chew on and fences good so she can't escape all should be fine. I am a great advocate of starting life as the pup will know it starts straight away after a couple of days to settle. So many people make the mistake of taking time off work etc to spend time with it. I feel that that lends itself to a lot of problems as the pup can then feel separation anxiety (not all do) bark a lot (not all do) and wonders where all the attention has gone.

    I don't see where vaccinations come into it as far as not being outside in your own yard.
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    My lot also had half chicken wings, necks and bones from about 5 weeks. Best though with supervision. Don't change the diet quickly as others have advised.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Welcome with your little cutie pie..........

    I am sure if i don't post these two free download books from Ian Dunbar, someone else will

    Free Downloads | Dog Star Daily

    The only thing i would be careful with is the size of your puppy..Very small puppies can get out and escape easily, so make sure that the place is secure for your puppy.

    And it has been known in some areas that the larger birds can attack small puppies ( crows, birds of prey).

    As to toilet training...that is never done in one day. But it is a good start. Just keep taking the little one out frequently and praise when the puppy does the P&P's outside and ignore when done in the wrong place.

    Three weeks of no mistakes and you are on the way of toilet training.

    As to food, it is very personal.....I like bigger bones for puppies, they cannot accidentally swallow the wrong thing and they can only chew those large bones (brisket is perfect). I would not give pigs ears to puppies as they have a lot of brittle part and are oily, which can upset little tummies.

    I am A RAW feeder, so I find it difficult to advice on canned/dry..........I know Blackhawk does a puppy food and I do like their dry if i am traveling

    Good luck with your puppy, keep it safe
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks for the advice

    Also is it okay to start giving hazel some egg with her food? if so I might try introducing that when we get home.

    And this may be a stupid but just want to make sure, I assume we leave the egg uncook and just crack it and mix it with her current food?
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    Hi Jaron & Nicole,

    welcome to the forum and congratulations on your little fluffball, Hazel is absolutely gorgeous!! You can give her raw egg, that should be fine occasionally. I was giving Oskar raw bones to chew on as well when he was a little pup. It's a boredom buster. Never give her cooked bones, always raw. Regarding brands of food, I find it;s a personal choice. It is trial and error really.

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    Welcome and your pup is absolutely adorable!

    I'm a recent raw food convert. Though I don't follow it as strictly as I could and still go for convenience. I mainly give my dog pet mince - though I do worry about additives as I cannot find any info on specific brands, chicken necks, the occasional egg and tin of tuna or sardines and I mix it with Phuds, which is similar to Vets All Natural. The latter is a supplement which ensures they get all the minerals and vitamins etc they need.

    I do still feed a supermarket brand of dry food too, though my dog eats very little of it as the above is her main meal.

    I also give her raw bones regularly (normally daily, but lately I'm having trouble finding any good ones locally!) and on top of that she still gets quite a few treats for not ignoring my cues.

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    Just after a solution which is more cost effective and cleaner than using newspaper/ training pad for when Hazel wants to do her business during the night.

    We currently got our eyes set on an indoor dog training pad from eBay. Has anyone here use one before?

    The product in question in the below link.


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