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Thread: Got our first Puppy, but need some advice :)

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    I just took my dog out until she'd "performed" before I went to bed at around 10:30pm, and then I set the alarm for 2am and 4am and took her out again at these times, and gradually I increased the times. And I attached a lead to her, in her bed next to mine, and put it under me and attached the other end to the far side of the bed, so she couldn't get up without waking me up. And if she woke up before the alarm went off, I'd take her out until she'd "performed". I always act boring when I want her to go and repeat the toilet command as she goes. So she knows what I want when I say those words.

    I tried puppy training pad when I was out, but she just ripped it to pieces. She didn't go to the toilet except a couple of times when she had a tummy upset and then she went as close as she could to the back door. Except one time she peed in the drain in the bathroom. I wish I could get her to do that reliably but - she just hangs on these days.

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    Just an update on how Hazel is going.

    She has certainly grown quite after a week with us.

    She went for her first vet check up yesterday and she totally loves it, and also met one of her sibling yesterday, I have never seen Hazel so excited before so we booked her in for the same time as her sister so she can have a little play with her when shes in for her next vaccination..

    Also Hazel monsters her sister (Miya) she was almost double her weight! Hazel is 2kg, Miya was only 1.2kg!

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