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    Puppies are so wonderful, especially when you have kids congratulations. We have 7 month old malamute Willow who is thriving and is our princess, very smart & excelling at obedience training and I am so addicted to puppies now that we are waiting on a little boy mal to be old enough for the breeder to fly him up to us We also have an adult Siberian Husky so we will have a full house. Since I lost my elderly mal last November, I almost adopted another rescue as she was a rescue & the best dog in the world, but hubby convinced me to get a puppy because he has never had one before (I had my Sibe long before I met hubby) and now he has started an addiction! I need to buy acreage so I can surround myself with both puppies and adult rescues

    Enjoy your little furangel looking forward to pics

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    Well I always pass this info along...i just find it so helpful

    But if you are interested here are some free downloads form Ian Dunbar that are just really good to read and keep FYI.....

    Free Downloads | Dog Star Daily

    Pets are forever

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