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Thread: Dog scent of urine on carpet

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    I should have given credit to Shannon Lush for my tips...

    I didn't know she lives in WA - but she does spend quite a bit on ABC radio and I love her sessions. Lots of stuff on the web too eg google "Shannon Lush Dog Urine" or something.

    Not sure the dog pee requires pantihose, but getting dog fur out of your clothes in the wash does. She suggests buying some for the purpose - or making friends with someone who does wear them.

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    LOL Hyacinth, I usually text my friend from work and ask him if he's finished with his pantyhose

    I recently had an ink spill on the carpet and not sure if it was a Shannon Lush tip but I was kneeling on the floor spraying hairspray on the ink and gently dabbing it off with an ear bud thingy ... I figured I required the patience of Mother Theresa to get the stain off so gave up, but funnily enough it seems to be fading over time ... I think for ink removal it was either hairspray or lumpy milk ...

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