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    Hey guys,

    i need a little bit of advice, i make my puppy up cooked dinner with cooked mince pasta and mixed just after a few ideas for other foods as it seems she isnt liking it as much as all my other dogs have

    thanks xx

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    Have you tried the mince raw? I sometimes buy chicken mince (frames and stuff) and they hoover it down uncooked. If not maybe biscuits?!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    id suggest raw too.

    Perhaps add an egg? or divide a tin of omega rich fish like sardines, makeral, that tends to have mine eat anything if its smothered in fish smell.

    oh and 10 mins to eat it or its lifted till next meal. This is a great motivator, not quite as a good as a second dog lurking to steal your meal does however.

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    I'm also a raw mince fan ... once or twice weekly treats include chicken neck or wing, brisket bones, tin of sardines (Saturday treat after dog training) and occasional eggs for something different ... and biscuits (I use Blackhawk) ...

    In the frozen section of pet supply shops you can buy a 1 kilo bag of frozen mince & defrost and try it raw, rather than spend loads of $$$ and puppy doesn't like it ... I found a really helpful person in City Farmers who talked me through the different kinds of meats, which were best for pups, and how much and how often he fed his pups, I found that really helpful ... Good luck

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