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    Default Puppy Collars

    ok so far I have a bit of ribbon around each puppy (different colour for each pup)
    so we could identify who is who, their weight ect ....
    Mum bit them off so they had none on..

    I then used a small amount of nail polish and dabbed that on the bottom
    of their paw different colour for each.
    Mum chewed and licked that off somehow...

    So I was wondering what other breeders use ??
    Has anyone seen these

    "Identa-Pup" 8 to 33cm - 12 bands, 12 different colours - Whelping Supplies - (Powered by CubeCart)

    what do you think about them ??

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    Whelping supplies is a really good company and they have great stuff

    We make little collars for all the newfies, just by plaiting wool.......We just make them bigger as the puppies grow.
    Pets are forever

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    I like whelping supplies. i would have suggested those puppy collars too. I like the website even for not puppy stuff.

    You might need extra large for your puppies - do they come in different sizes? Mind you I think the site owner breeds Great Danes so she should have something the right size for yours.

    You might need some vicks vapour rub to stop Mum from removing them. I'm not sure any collar is mum chew proof.

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    Not a fan of collars, if mum wants to remove nail polish she's sure as heck going to try and pull a collar off and potentially strangle the pup, I know of one that has done this when the owner used ribbon around the pups neck.

    I would try something that stains but doesn't smell, food coloring is good, or put the nail polish on their actual nails rather than somewhere easy to rub off, think nail polish on your skin easily rubs off, but on your nails it stays on for weeks.

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