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Thread: Training puppy to sleep outdoor?

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    When i was potty training my puppies sleep right next to me in a crate or box..i sleep very light when i have puppies and i would get up a couple of times a night for potty.

    I have to be quite truthful and that is that my puppies have hardly any mistakes inside..i do lots of active prevention, by taking them out frequently. And it does not take long for them to get the hang of wanting to go out.

    Potty training is all about trying to catch the time they want to go. When they first wake, after food, drink and often when they are awake. We make it happy time and we never scold when mistakes are made. We just ignore and I always blame us the people. I never allow my puppy to have free roam of the house until they have the hang of wanting to go outside.

    Some trainers i have worked with say i am too soft on my puppies, but mine are fine, not anxious and well trained........You do get a cold arm from hanging it out with the puppy LOL
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    I would never put a puppy outside at night. Plus your kennel sounds huge, so will be extra cold, as the body heat of the dog will dissipate in all that space. If I went to a pet store that encouraged me to house my dog outside, I'd be shopping elsewhere. Ditto vet. It may be possible. It doesn't mean it's ideal.

    If your dog is closely bonded, and you are packleader, it will want to be with you at night. ESPECIALLY PUPPIES ON THEIR OWN. I believe that the bond between dog and human is FAR stronger, if they are inside. When I rescued, I very rarely would rehome to people who wanted outside dogs. They had to be extraordinary AND I had to have a more independent type of dog - but it was always regretful.

    If your mother is an obsessive about cleanliness, explain that that is HER problem. You are an adult and you don't have her obsessive/compulsive obsessions. I would tell her I was disappointed in her, that I have to pay for my dog to stay with a private minder, because I couldn't trust her to do what I wanted, for my chosen pet. I am not trying to get her to change her chosen lifestyle, but to respect mine (yours). I would add that she should understand that this does effect the way I feel about her - but that would be on my behalf, not yours.

    If you train your pup to sleep in her plastic crate, and take her out regularly, she will feel safe in her crate when travelling and won't associate it with going to the vet. Also, that will lessen the overnight problems with spills. If I were you, I'd lookout for a friendly local, who clearly looks after their dog, seems knowledgable and ask them, (if the dogs get along), if they would like to swap minding with you, when either has to go away, if you each pay costs. That way, both dogs have a 2nd home they are relaxed in, for any emergencies.

    You sound very young. At some point, you may have children. It may be best to establish your right to be more relaxed about your own household now, than spend the next 20 years, paranoid about what your mother thinks about your housekeeping. I would point out that she is your mother and not the inspector for rental properties, at the local real estate agents. As far as I'm concerned, there are people who obsess about appearances and people who are warm and generous hearted and know what is really important and aren't so insecure, as to have to feel everything LOOK perfect - which I have always found covers up huge messes in psyche...

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