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Thread: New puppy and 8yr cat?

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    Exactly. There is same situation with me as well

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    Do you have to get a puppy? What about going to a rescue place that has dogs living with cats, that are clearly besotted with the resident cats? Even if your cat is unimpressed, the dog will remain wistfully loving and respectful, and it's very rare, I've found, that the cat doesn't feel that the dog is really just another uncouth clumsy oaf that is there to worship at it's shrine. I've taken in so many dogs that were sworn cat killers. Usually, at the end of a week, they are standing next to them, waiting for food and treating them as slightly scary siblings. My cats don't run. The dogs know I am pack leader and it is non negotiable and of course, if you are a new dog and a cat strolls in, and no other dog will even bother to look, you tend to go with the house rules. The dogs know - or learn quickly, GENTLE. They don't hurt anything. My little terrier cleans bottoms and faces of orphan kittens that I bring home and I have photos that I can't upload, of her with kittens curled up with her, and having faces and bottoms cleaned. 2 of the kittens I rescued, mobbed her the other day, now grown up. She is their height, but longer and thicker, and all I could see, was Harriet's face in the air, trying to keep it free from, the joyful cat rubbing. Mobbed like a member of a boyband!

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